Wednesday, September 16, 2009


At the bathroom sink, TonerPaperTailor.

At the breakfast bar, TonerPaperTailor.

In the car, TonerPaperTailor.

Getting things out of the trunk, TonerPaperTailor.

Heading into a doctor's office, TonerPaperTailor.

Waiting for the doctor, TonerPaperTailor.

Walking back to the car, TonerPaperTailor.

On the way to a lunch appointment, TonerPaperTailor.

Twiddling thumbs before lunch appointment, TonerPaperTailor.

Moving on to the next stop, TonerPaperTailor.

And the next, TonerPaperTailor.

Glancing at the bag of slacks to be taken up, TonerPaperTailor.

In a sample closet, TonerPaperTailor.

Squinting to read a poorly printed page, TonerPaperTailor.

In storage unit, TonerPaperTailor.

Clandestinely changing into yoga clothes in storage unit, TonerPaperTailor.

Driving to yoga, TonerPaperTailor.

In savasana, TonerPaperTailor.

Driving home, feeling energized, TonerPaperTailor.

Home and at the computer, %&$#! I forgot to pick up the toner and paper and go by the tailor!


cat+tadd=sam said...

Story of my freaking life.

Misti said...

Been there. Sucks.

Jessica said...

how i hate that. sometimes i write it on my hand, but then i look like a 3rd grader.

Jaime Stephens said...

theres an app for that....(one to be your brain for you I highly recommend it)

Megan said...

Which is that app, Jaime? I've downloaded a couple to-do apps but none have really worked out as all that helpful for me.