Wednesday, September 16, 2009


• I love the word malignancy. It feels just right in my mouth. Like a healthy snack.

• At work, I try to be aggressive. That tends to fatten my bank account and make me more popular with my bosses.

But an aggressive and malignancy together really suck. And my grandma is afflicted with both.

She has the cancer, my friend.

She's newly diagnosed with a nefarious, malevolent, mean-spirited cancer of the buzzes (or "beeps" if yours are teeny like mine). And the tumor's a real son of a bitch. Without getting to graphic and personal, I'll tell you that she's had the prescribed surgery (and told me she liked losing a few pounds without the inconvenience of diet or exercise) and is about to undergo months of chemotherapy--a treatment almost worse than the diagnosis it endeavors to mitigate.

My G-Ma's name is Betty Lou. I'm not kidding. Isn't that just delectable? She's my papa's mama. She's hilarious, and she's one of the founts from which sprung some of my sauciness (so if you enjoy me, you have her to thank).

My Aunt Robin is her primary caregiver and has been doing a bang-up job of handling the necessities of such care. She's thrown herself all the way into doing what's necessary to combat the bastard cancer, and because she's been so committed to giving the cancer the ass-kicking it so richly deserves, she has been unable to give her day job the attention it normally gets.

She is a Pampered Chef consultant, and I'll tell you what--one heck of one. Let me say this right here and now: I see through multi-level marketing from four-thousand feet away. My dad spent years on the corporate side of NuSkin, so I understand compensation plans, am familiar with MLM structures, and know a pitch when I hear one. But when it comes to my Aunt Robin and Pampered Chef, I'm sold.

Perhaps it's her years and years of incredible success that's engaged me. Or maybe the kitchenware itself. No, I don't ever intend to be a representative. Or to become a cook like Whitney. But when I need something for my kitchen (which I only have 'cause it came with the house) I know that Pampered Chef can come through for me, both in the arena of recipes and equipment. For instance, as of late, our Pampered Chef pizza stone is getting some play since The Husband's become a pizza-making fiend; I never thought it would, but a stone sure does make a difference in the crust. Who knew?

Aunt Robin's dedication to clobbering my G-Ma's cancer means that her business is limping. So my mom is hosting an online Pampered Chef party. Online means you aren't being pressured and end up buying stuff you don't actually need. You peruse at your leisure and decide what might actually be useful in your kitchen adventures (misadventures in my case) or what might make a good gift for your G-Ma or someone else nifty. Perhaps I just gave you the gift of an altruistic reason to buy yourself stuff.

Since you know I'm not the kind to blow smoke, flatter, or act under false pretenses, you can trust me when I say this isn't some kind of blog post intended to guilt you into buying stuff you don't need. That would be a manipulation and a lame one. My mom sent an email about this party, encouraged her daughters to publicize however we chose--if we chose, and I thought a mention on my beloved Remarks couldn't hurt.
To participate, click here:

• From there, click on "Our Products" (first screen shot).
• Then, cluck on "How to Purchase" (second screen shot).
• Next, put in my mom's name, "Sue Peterson," as in the third screen shot.
• After that, click on the link that is her name (fourth screen shot).

At that point, you have my enthusiastic encouragement to look around and see what there is to see.

Note • For some reason, as written, this won't work in Safari. When I enter my mom's name it comes up with "No Matches Found." Apologies for that. I can do many things; fixing that ain't one. I tested it in Firefox on my Mac and in IE on the work PC--both worked out fine.
I'll never know whether or not you entered the site or plunked down some dough. My role is just to get the word out.

Sometimes we women have to give other gals' boobs a boost.


Jaime Stephens said...

here here to your Grandmother for kicking the cancer in the ass... I work with cancer patients and that is just what we like to see! I am sure I will be needing pampered chef item for my new house and online parties thats awesome I hate going to live parties they stress me out.

Renae said...

Hoping your grandma is able to beat this and make a full recovery. Also wishing your aunt the very best as her caregiver. Pampered Chef is one of my favorites so this is a win for me, a win for your aunt and prayers go out for a win for your grandma.

Misti said...

I hope your Grandma makes it through everything. :) I will peruse the PC stuff, 'cause I adore my pizza stone, too. It bakes great cookies as well.

Julie said...

Yuck. Cancer sucks. Sorry to hear about your Granny.