Thursday, September 17, 2009


I give and I give. Constantly. Without reservation. And when I need something from you, what do I get? Bupkis.

You have so very many needs, and I fulfill each and every one.

You're so needy so often, and I'm always there for you. I never put off your needs, directing my attention elsewhere. When you are lacking, when you need a boost, you're my number one concern.

You're expensive. You have no regard for economic strife. You run through money like a sieve, yet I keep throwing more at you. Giving whenever you ask. Never calling it a loan. You need funds, they're yours.

In giving to you, I feel hope, a desperate hope that someday you'll morph into something better. Something more generous.

I'm foiled every time.

I care for you. I give you attention. I'm dedicated to your welfare. To the detriment of my other obligations and priorities, I am wholly devoted to you and your never-ending needs, yet when I come to you, seeking reprieve from one of my needs, you deny me every single time. You have so much--so much I've given you--and all you concede are scraps, rubbish.

Closet of Mine, why--with all that I've given you over the years, all the attention I've paid--can't you just yield something decent to wear?


rabidrunner said...

Wow. Wow. WOW! That was great.

Michele @ The Hills are Alive said...

try a personal audit/lookbook or whatever they are called from Cardigan Empire - may be worth a small investment to sort our the robe and come up with some numbers that suit - sure there are loads of decent things to wear or maybe there isnt but with some input from RB you may be surprised

Sue said...

your closets have always been ungrateful gluttons. but it's your own fault, you spoil them and make no requirements for performance.. This is the fruits of your parenting.

Jessica said...

just as i did when you got the pixie cut, i jumped ahead to see what the fuss was about. i couldn't stand the suspense!