Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today, we celebrate one year.

288 posts and I would say I'm a fairly committed little blogger.

Like the first year of marriage, there have been some adjustments. It's been about learning to fulfill a self-imposed obligation, a self-imposed commitment. So what if this unnecessary commitment is to five people and we all share a few chromosomes? I feel I must post! I have to follow through. It's how my family knows I'm still breathing way out here in Sparks.

Additionally, I must say that at times, this blogging thing can serve a therapeutic purpose. I often work through things by writing, and with time and life being the way it is, I've used this cyber space here as the most formal bit of writing I do. It's shameful, for something in me someplace says that I should be doing more writing than I am doing and in a more formal manner, but for now, this is it. Better than nothin', eh?

The year in review:

With skepticism, we began. After the beginning, do you remember that . . .

• Together, you and I have taken a month to look harder at what I'm thankful for.
• We celebrated my golden birthday.
• We enjoyed words.
• I confessed I'm a lousy housekeeper.
• We rehearsed conversations I've had with my husband.
• We laughed at Kitty's online buy gone awry.
• I revealed Ayn addiction.
• I told you about what it was like to see my nephew don his mortal coil.
• We giggled over my airline Belly Bounce experience.
• Via my silly poem, I shared what it's like in pharmaceuticals.
• I showed you too many photos of my dog, revealing that I'm one of them (those silly dog people).
• I said good and bad about other people's blogs.
• I told you what it's like to be the patient of a doctor you call on for work.
• My mom and I were hilariously irreverent.
• I talked quite a bit about my sissies.
• I got personal and let you in on my loves about my mate.
• I went on and on about yoga.
• We ate. A lot.
• And I introduced you to the New and Improved! Rookie Cookie.

Let's continue doing it all, shall we?

Words are just wonderful; I love stringing them together. And for now, here's the spot that I choose to do that. Thanks for stopping by. Apparently it's to myself and to you that I've made the superfluous commitment.

Want more? Do stay tuned, 'cause I have pretty decent follow-through.


rabidrunner said...

HALLELUJAH. I've just minutes ago finished reading SEVERAL "good-bye" posts. You know, the ones where people say they're going to throw away their blogging time and fill it with other useless rubbish.(Like spending more time with their families, attending to needed household chores, saving the wales or finding a cure for global warming.)

Blog on, dude.

cat+tadd=sam said...

I'd like your blog more if you talked about how hilarious I am. No, seriously I love this blog with some of my heart, and Sophie with the other "some".

Andrea said...

I am so happy that you made me a blogger, and that I have been able to reconnect with so many of my cousins!

Lindsay said...

The November grateful thing...awesome. That was the best. I wasn't blogging then but I remember you and the rest of the fam making me feel so grateful. We have to do it this year now that I am a semi-blogger.

Ashley Thalman said...

happy anniversary! i am staying tuned and cannot wait for more...