Monday, August 4, 2008


You make me feel like a stalker.

Sorry, folks; I'm no fan of Twitter.

I've told my Twister (a clever moniker for my Twittering Sister, eh?) this opinion, lest she be insulted when reading my dislike here on el bloggo. No worries, says she; she's confident in herself and her choices. You know: all-around cool. And funnier than everyone else.

I don't care if you just finally cleaned your guest bathroom toilet. I'm not interested in the fact that you're on your way to church choir practice. You shouldn't be telling me that right at this very moment, it's your "time of the month" and the cramps are unbearable. It embarrasses me to read the little details of your life as they happen.

I feel like I'm watching you via web cam. And that is creepy.

So don't read it, you say.

It's right there at the top of your blog
, I say!

All I have to do is glance at the page and I've gleaned myself the fact that your plane just landed in Denver.



cat+tadd=sam said...

Yeah, I'm over it too.

Ashley Thalman said...

don't worry meg. thanks for the loving email warning. i think i hate it too. it reminds me of facebook, which i cannot stand.