Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have what I believe is a rational and reasonable aversion to sweat. It's less than glamorous, and I've already got plenty of less-than-glamorous going for me.

I don't have a sweating problem; but I do have an aversion to the stuff.

Antiperspirants do their job through the active ingredient aluminum. A study or two indicates that this lovely sweat-stopper could cause breast cancer. I have decided that I do not care.

There are things I let slide, and aluminum in my deodorant is going to be one of them. Because overall, I do a pretty darn good job fulfilling efforts at my health . . .

• I no longer purchase diet soda as our mainstay of liquid. Order one in a restaurant? Sure, but at least now there's less caffeine in my blood than blood these days and none in my refrigerator.
• I drink a whole heck of a lot of water.
• I get at least 30 grams of fiber a day.
• I take the only probiotic on the market that's actually met it's primary endpoints in randomized, controlled clinical trials. (Email me and I'll be happy to get you some information on said probiotic; this is something I know a bit about.)
• I don't eat meat.
• I get at least 42 grams of protein a day.
• Vegetables and whole grains are my buddies.
• I wear SPF 40, a big floppy hat, big movie star shades, and a snowsuit when spending any time in the sun.
• I get an annual woman-doctor physical.
• I get a bi-annual body scan.
• I get an annual Internist's physical exam.
• I take calcium, vitamin D, folic acid, Vitamins B6 and B12, DHA oils, and my ever-lovin' antidepressant every day.
• I take an incredibly vigorous yoga class four or five times a week and engage in cardiovascular activities at least five days a week.
• I do my darndest to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

It's all these things that assuage my guilt in wearing aluminum-laced antiperspirant. I use them to justify my not-so-great choice of deodorant/antiperspirant; as if health is a giant scale and I have enough things on the good side to outweigh a few bad. As if that's how it actually works. Ri-ight.

However, I read that list and think, I do a decent job in plenty of health-related areas. Push that nagging guilt aside, Meg. And its just an increased risk of cancer we're talking about; not a guarantee! (If there is anything I'm incredibly skilled at, it's justification.) So I've decided that along with candy, cookies, cake, and pie, a scent of freshness and a daily dryness will be my weakness. Cancer be damned.

I've become acquainted with Secret Clinical Strength and it's right up there with my IUD and my husband as Terrific Bits of Life.

Haven't tried it and don't care about the possible aluminum-cancer link? Go buy yourself a box. You'll never go back.

This from what I would say is a pretty healthy, health-conscious and even health-educated person.


M to the E to the R to the I said...

Probiowhat?? Inform me please

Lindsay said...

Meg, You're not bragging about how perfect you are with your health-conscious life, are you? Not after Whit's post and your comment!

Megan said...

Clearly my writing skills have dwindled, for I didn't adequately express that it's the healthy things I do that make me feel like it's okay that I wear devil deodorant. Justification, if you will.

Megan said...

And I do know that you were kidding, Lins.

A little bit, at least.

Just Sue said...

Hey Megan! I have been concerned about the aluminum thing because years ago I heard it contributed to alzheimers (that which I tend to think I have anyway!) so I use OLD SPICE regular men's deodorant. Not an anti-persperant, but freeing of odor and some wetness. And you should see me arm wrestle Mickey...I am so strong (not smelling).

Andrea said...

Mom, do no EVER admit again that you wear mens deodorant. EVER. I can only pray that this was a joke and that you are woman enough to find a female deodorant. Also, please do not make mention of wrestling Mickey, it makes me want to vomit!