Saturday, January 21, 2012


20 Things That May or May Not be True:
• An earthworm can still live if cut in half. 
• The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. 
• "Beetlejews" was the original name suggested for the largest star yet identified. 
• Venus is the only planet to rotate clockwise. 
• A female giraffe is called a sow. 
• On average, men get .4 more upper respiratory infections annually than women do. 
• Snickers is the most popular candy bar in the United States. 
• Dalmatians are born without spots. 
• The first American novel was printed in Boston, Massachusetts. 
• Dog owners are 13% more likely to donate to charity than non-dog owners. 
• Cat owners are are 18% more likely to subscribe to a newspaper than dog owners. 
• The moon is 27% of the size of Earth. 
• On average, the anthills south of the equator are .1 centimeters shorter than those in the north. 
• "Madam I am Adam" is a palindrome. 
• A flock of larks is called an exhilaration. 
• A flock of crows is called a murder. 
• Women who kiss their partners every morning live three years longer than those who don't. 
• Rhode Island, the smallest state, has a larger population than Alaska, the largest state. 
• A blue whale can fit four Volkswagen Beetles in its mouth at once. 
• Belonephobia is a fear of needles.
Fact: at least 8 of the above are total lies.  


onlythejodi said...

Things that make me go Ummm.
Umm#1 I believe it's Betelgeuse, not Beetlejews.
Umm#2 It's "Madam I'm Adam" rather than "Madam I am Adam," which would spell Madam a I'm Adam backwards...
Umm#3 - Someone should suggest the blue whale/Beetle thing to the people at Volkswagen. If they could get one to do that, on camera, it would be a really memorable advertising campaign

Megan said...

Well done, Jodi. *wink. When you see bullshit you know it's bullshit. All 3 are included in my lies.