Monday, January 23, 2012

elephant journal: THIS WEEK'S POST

Hi ho! Fun news here. So, as I've been going on about for the last few months, every now and again I've had the privilege of contributing some to elephant journal.

Wait? What? Oh, you still don't' know what elephant journal is?

Gosh. Sorry. Should have explained that before.

ej is a site of enlightenment. (And they're letting me contribute? Come to think of it, that enlightenment thing might be questionable.) But really, they write that their mission is " . . . to [bring] together those working (and playing) to create enlightened society"—those interested in mindful living, if you will.

And yoga's on their list of enlightening things. And yoga's my thing! So I've contributed a few pieces to their large collection of yoga articles. It's gone well enough that they've granted me columnist status, which essentially means that I've committed to post once weekly under my own name and get more involved in their online community.

Here's what's especially great about this: I can never seem to shut up about yoga. And that means I write about it quite a bit too. (I felt rather bad for my advisor last semester; she got packet after packet that included piece after piece on yoga.) And now I've got somewhere to put all that yoga writing. It can begin its exodus from my hard drive to The World. My computer feels thinner already.

See here for my first piece under my own name. (And, if you like it and like me as well, do share it, please. Getting traffic to individual posts is sort of a thing and I could use your help.)


Ah! And as an electrifying bonus, the talented Ashley Thalman will be the source of all the photography in my elephant journal posts. So when you hit up the link you'll be treated to the kind of visual stimulation only she can deliver.

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