Thursday, January 12, 2012


If someone is good at something, tell them. Don't assume that they know it. They don't. And even if they do—which, seriously, they don't—tell 'em anyhow to reinforce what they believe.

• Understand that you're not the only person in the room who is intimidated. In fact, it's reasonable to suspect that everyone in the room is intimidated, and it's even reasonable to suspect that you're the one intimidating them. Your hair. Your shoes. Your smart mouth. Your silence. Your eyebrows. It's always something. People are always intimidated. Don't feel inferior. It's too common. Be confident instead; you'll be a trailblazer.

Don't presume that everyone thinks and sees like you do. You truly are the only person who can see through your eyes. Let yourself be surprised when you discover that your thoughts are original, but let the surprise wash away quickly. This is how it is—your view is unique.

Ask questions. You've got a better chance at getting answers if you ask for 'em.

Don't overlook the importance of clarification. Seeking to understand is the mark of a bright mind. Go ahead and let your mind be bright. Clarification leads to understanding. It might waylay a discussion momentarily, but the discussion's gonna be that much richer when you actually know what's going on. Value your own contribution enough to get the clarification you need.


Misti said...

I read your blog several years ago, was quite addicted to it but then I believe you stopped blogging and I went on some long hikes. Google Reader somehow was suggesting Rookie Cookie and then my brain was triggered about your blog---but your name escaped me for awhile so I had to do some digging--and here I am.

I'll have to peruse the pages here soon...your yoga photo shoot is absolutely stunning and inspiring.

Megan said...

Aw. Yay, Misti. Thanks for returning. I am not blogging much these days, as most of my writing is for school and when that's done I'm pretty done with the written word. But I do make an effort to show from time to time.