Tuesday, January 10, 2012


• I have been asleep for the last four hours. It was a free evening today, and since I'm such a party animal I elected to spend the free time sleeping like an old lady.

• Met with my new faculty advisor for the semester today. She gifted me a beautiful blue mug. Because she's one of the more giving people you'll ever have the pleasure to know. She said she likes to give her students mugs because when she writes she keeps a cup of tea nearby. I do sometimes too, but as soon as she said that I thought of my clumsy self knocking the tea over onto my keyboard.

• When I am at school I eat apples. Like 3 a day. I squirrel them away in my backpack when leaving the dining hall. Portable. Crispy. Healthy. Do not require refrigeration.

• I am not scared of my hotel anymore. A Friendly Inn, it's called. It's comfortable. And, wait for it, I would actually stay here again for the convenient walking distance from campus and yoga.

• I love key lime anything. And always.

• When I'm here at school for my residencies I get bummed as each day goes by. I get bummed that my real life is coming closer. Not because I hate my real life, but because I like my residency head so much more. The conversations are better. The good news—I miss my husband and my dog such that I can look forward to going home. 

• After last residency in June I told Mark that he has to come to my graduation. That sounds weird, right? That I had to tell him he needed to come, like he wasn't planning to in the first place? After my first residency I told him that he wouldn't need to. Without his trying to weasel out of it. I just mentioned that it wouldn't be necessary because there's not too much pomp and circumstance at the end of it all. But after last June I changed my mind. He has to come. I want him to com here and see where I've been, meet who I've met, and know what my school environment looks like. Initially one reason that I told him he didn't need to come with me was that before I teach my graduate seminar and do my reading I really don't want to undergo the stress of flying with him. (I know how selfish and melodramatic that sounds, but I know I'll already be nervous for my graduating requirements and I'm bright enough not to want to compound any significant emotions.) But because I want him to come here, I'm going to deal with it.

• In talking with my mentor today we stumbled across the concept that solitude is a trope in my life. I'd say an unintentional one. This hadn't really occurred to me before. I know I like solitude, but I didn't realize that I chase it so thoroughly. My job is pretty isolating; I'm alone for most of the day when I'm traveling to and from my doctor destinations. And I have elected to pursue writing. A very isolating activity. I like to be alone. I don't think it has to do with my being raised in a busy house or anything like that. I am just happy with my own company. In my quiet hotel room right now I can hear people walking and talking on Cambridge Street, and I don't wish to be out there.


Sue said...

I didn't tell you, but if you're walking, I plan on being there. Decided that when you started the program.

Megan said...

There's no "walking," so to speak. We don't graduate in the company of other graduate programs--just by ourselves. So there are only 25 or so graduates each semester (four in my genre). We do a reading a couple days or the night before, teach our graduate seminar somewhere in there, listen to a speech, attend an informal reception, and it's done. It's not exciting or dramatic. If you want to come it would be lovely to have you, but I don't want you to think it's a thing. It's one reason I told Mark he didn't need to come in the first place. There aren't like robes or somber music.