Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So the student is writing. She's reworking an essay that covers the college years. The essay mentions a boy. And she wonders whatever happened to him. 

So she goes to Google. She types his name.

And what does she find? 

Is he on Facebook? Is he married? Does he have babies? A career?

Or a mugshot perhaps? Does he have one of those?

Why, yes! Yes he does! He has a mugshot:

The website says that though the person pictured was arrested they haven't necessarily been convicted of the alleged crime. Well, I read the charges. Somebody got themselves nailed for tagging.

Oh, there's a more than good chance he did it. That bad boy thing was part of his appeal ten or so years ago. I seem to recall him showing me a photo of a boxcar in Washington where he'd tagged my name over Christmas break. Aw. That was before he had, you know, mad skills enough to get himself caught.



Megan and Keli'i said...

Was this a BYUH kid? I don't remember him...

But how funny is that? Classy, yes. Very much so.

Megan said...

Yes ma'am. He wasn't there for long, but Shiva was there. Played soccer.