Wednesday, December 2, 2009



I realize that most readers stuck with Sister Meyer's story for Edward or for Jacob, but the fact is that Bella was the heroine. The Twilight books are about Bella.

And she's a total bore.

She's stubborn, sure, and that has potential to be interesting, but she's also needy, bland, inarticulate, and doesn't have it all that rough.

It's something to despair over that a book with such significant popularity is about a girl who doesn't spend the pages changing for the better, spiraling downward, learning something unique, or making big decisions. Throughout the entire story she remains as she was in the beginning: needy, bland, and inarticulate.

Again, if a book is going to be crazy popular, I'd hope that the book is something singular, worth reading, or demonstrating great literary skill. Because the book is about Bella, it's bland and inarticulate. The heroine just isn't heroic.

Women are so easily influenced and because of that, it's sad that Bella got to be the star. She doesn't' exert any influence at all. Not for good, not for bad. She's a neutral waste of pages.

A metaphor for the whole series.


Julie said...

She is the heroine and the Damsel In Distress. That is a conflict of interest, in my opinion.

rabidrunner said...

BUT! We should also commend the producers and whatnot for picking the Bella they picked. That Kirsten whats-er-face is equally bland and inarticulate. A perfect match.

Thanks to you, dear Megan, we've finally found something the movie did right!

Alicia said...

Hahaha... oh Bella Bella Bella. If she weren't so blah or even a little smarter she would never have fallen in love with a vampire in the first place. And as for Jacob, my husband says he's an idiot for chasing after Bella because there's nothing appealing about her and she's a lost cause. I guess that's what stereotypically happens in really small towns... Jacob didn't exactly have many options! lol There is nothing heroic about Bella until (possibly) Breaking Dawn.

whitneyingram said...

Remember that she is involved in the story at all because she apparently gives off some weird scent. She is the star because she smells weird.

I always wondered what it was that she smelled like. A cheeseburger? A medium rare ribeye? Chocolate pie? Coconut lime verbena lotion from Bath and Body works?

Megan and Keli'i said...

Bella sucks.

Misti said...

The Bella in the book is different, IMO, than the Bella in the movie. Kristen Stewart just bugs me as Bella

Darcy said...

I agree completely. My husband was the one who pointed all this out to me, as I was reading him passages from the last book in the series... which was so terrible, that I can't even remember the name of it now.

Which is all I really need to say.

Katharina said...

You hit the nail on the head. I was propelled through the books to see if Bella ever developed any redeeming qualities or an ounce of moxie.

Sadly, nope and nope.

Pamela said...

well said, well said!! :)