Monday, December 7, 2009


• We live very near two fire stations. Good for peace of mind. Bad for overall peace. The sirens that often pass are depressing.

• If it makes you feel pretty, wear it.

• It's great when my work PC tells me it just had an unexpected error. Being a PC and all, it should have just expected it. I know I do.

• Just bit off all my nail polish. Further evidence of how posh I am.

• I'm bewitched by Susan Boyle. Her "Cry Me a River" is my favorite version of that song. And her little bangs are awfully special.

• One of the best SNL videos ever. Really. With context, it's even better.

• Going to wear my specs more often. Just picked up my new ones. First new after 5 years. They're hip and they're Fendi. Feelin' ostentatious.

• Who the hell is Lady Gaga and why do we let her get away with that name?

• I don't make Christmas lists. If I want a thing, I buy it or I just don't. This year though, gimme the magic of surprise, thus a list.

• My knee is killing me. Still. Again. As always.

• If you haven't already, go get yourself some Colgate Wisps and toss 'em in your car or purse. Genius with a capital G.

• A gift I ordered for someone else just came in the mail and I really, really want to keep it. She'll be awfully lucky if I don't.

• I do not have a green thumb. I have a brown one.

• I just bought six covers of "La Bamba" on iTunes.

• Nail polish remover tastes exactly how it smells.

• Tell the truth.

• Watching the 1967 Doctor Dolittle with Rex Harrison. Even The Husband likes it. It's pretty cute, him liking it n' all.


Jess said...

I dressed up as Judy for Halloween. Complete with a yellow dress and tiny baby hands I cut off an old doll. Twas magical.

Mette said...

you made me spotify the new susan boyle album. thanks. :)

I love lists, but listing gifts for myself is hard, I agree. Maybe the thing is to make a list of hints to what I would like to get, whitout really listing things. Like "my perfume that i love is almost empty and thats sad cause it made me smell good" or "does anyone want a painting made by me? Too bad, I'm all out of paint" or "Gee, that lovely new blue tee in that first store on the left at that mall is really cute (in size 8)".

I like your ramblings, but somehow I picture you extremely serious at all times. Like scary serious. It might be the lack of smilies.

Megan said...

Jess, I hope you won an award for that costume. The concept alone deserves an award.

And Muffin, it's funny you find me so serious. That means I've done a lousy job portraying myself here. Bummer. I'm actually a relentless smart ass and the one who has a hard time keeping my jokes to myself at work meetings.

Misti said...

Three cheers for the Lady Gaga comment!

Katie said...

We live 2 blocks from the fire station. I've started worrying about people ALL THE TIME!

Jessica said...

Fendi is Fantastic. Fancy.

To avoid keeping a present I purchased for someone else, I just buy one for myself. Just in case.

Six covers of "La Bamba"? I need to go look that up. Is one of them Me First and the Gimme Gimmes? They like to do covers.

Mette said...

Hello again. Just to make up for what I said.. what I meant was: you seem like the kind of person who doesnt laugh at someones really bad joke just to be nice. You'd be more like "what? I dont get it". Which is ok, of course. It's brave actually.