Tuesday, November 10, 2009


• Mothers that give their 18-month-olds rice for dinner need their heads examined.

• If you're going to hunt and kill it: eat it.

• What's with unavailable blogger profiles? So you can leave comments on blogs that don't allow anonymous comments? Clever yet cowardly.

• Be happy without contingencies.

• Anyone else fed up with how slow PayPal is? It's the pokiest website that I regularly deal with. Hate it. Love the service; hate the site.

• Good news: I just updated Rookie's Recipe Index. I was only 2 months behind. See here: http://stupidtinyurl.com

• Anyone else sometimes sick of being themselves?

• I think that going to bed earlier is a worthy goal. I'm going to make that goal. And I'm going to work on it. Tomorrow.

• Head cheese. Unruly kids. Capital punishment. Eyewear. Healthcare reform. Dusting fans. (Drugs.) All covered in depth at my lunch today.

• I'm not sure I'll be able to have Whole Foods falafel ever again. It was so incredibly perfect today and now my standard's through the roof.

• Favorite phone calls: when Uncle Mickey phones me for a "Megan Fix." Fewer things can do a better job of healing a bad day.

• I have had my car for eight months. And I just now discovered that it has a 6-disc changer.

• Have a hankerin' to watch The Abyss.

• Welcome to Expense Report Hell, a place where computers are slow, receipts are missing, and time ticks on.

• Fixed our duvet. It was crooked and has been interrupting my sleep for a month. I'm a tidy sleeper.

• When it's truly winter: the time when my dog no longer wants to nap on the floor instead preferring my lap.

• Husband is in the loft watching Nuremberg. Wish I weren't stuck in this office workin' and could go watch with 'im. Great show.

• Forgot to buy gum today and am starting to chew on my tongue.

• The customer service for my corporate AmEx is always impressive. I finish those interactions actually satisfied with the help I received.

• I am so hungry right now that I'm considering eating my product training materials.

• I feel an incredible relief that I only have minor travel for the rest of the year. No big trips, just a here and there and time at home.

• Michael Jackson flick with Rabidrunner. Great time had by all. After the show she played "Stranger in Moscow" for me. Had never heard it.

• My favorite MJ song--has always been "Beat It."


L said...

She griped to me over the weekend her fears that you would do this, excellent work. Funny that some of the mock tweets posted I just expressed in my lengthy letter to you. My bad day healer is when Sponge 1 calls. Saturday was a craptastic day, I called my bro and instructed him to put the sponge on the phone immediately. I got several songs sang to me and I love you's. Any other IGLO would just be an annoyance but since she is mine she is my cure all.

Jessica said...

Lars, funny that I griped to you when I knew it was coming. The suspense was killing me!

The heat is on.

(please tell me you're singing the song in your head when you read that. If you don't know the song, I feel old. Google it and humor me.)

Megan said...

I absolutely sang the song. Even without your prompting.

Megan said...

Link was wrong--only went to the Music Monday--fixed now.

Jessica said...

sweet! now people can read about my grey hair.

Megan said...

I'm just the gift that keeps on giving, aren't I?

Unknown said...

Megan, I'm hijacking your comments thread here to ask you, and your astute readers to come over to my blog (that you designed, very cool) and comment on my most recent post. It's a punctuation matter that I know you and many of the regulars here will appreciate and I'm sure you'll understand my POV. but I need some honest feedback, otherwise I wouldn't beg. i am not kidding! please come:


feel free to tell me if y'all do think I'd be a 'wise-ass' and if I should keep my mouth shut. Or if not, what's the most tactful way to tell my friend? if you read it, you'll see what i mean. thanks, guys.

L said...

Silly Jessica, I know you knew it was coming. The when was just questionable, thus the griping. You just don't like surprises do you my dear?

Megan we already discussed that you leave Jessica wanting more with all your gifts.

Kelsey Carreon said...

Since I am related to a family that is required to have rice at every meal I have to agree with the first statement. I abhor rice and small children. I can't just sit them down (even at the age of 5) and give my girls rice. I have to hover over them and feed them the rice, because not only does my husbands family have rice at every meal they are neat freaks who stand over you and go into a tizzy if one grain falls on the ground. I am a horrible mother, even if I excel in every other avenue of motherhood, because my children have not been able to acquire the skills needed to eat rice properly. Sorry for such a long comment but your insight put me on my soapbox.

Megan said...

Oh Kelsey, you've not been 'round here long enough to know that long comments are welcome, even encouraged. We like substance.

It talks about that somewhere in this post.