Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I think of you when I do things.

When I perch on the bathroom counter for an hour, carefully trying to trim my own bangs, I think of you, Caitlyn, and wonder how with a few minutes and some simple snips you can transform me.

When I'm on the treadmill downstairs or plodding through the neighborhood, hating every second, every footfall, and wondering if my lungs might actually explode, I think of you Rabid and wonder how in the world you run marathons.

When I pick up my camera to capture a something, I think of you, Ashley and wonder how you so artfully stop life.

When I pluck an errant hair, I think of you Buffy, and wonder how you know how to shape my nearly nonexistent brows.

When I stand in front of the oven, wondering if it's even worth my time to turn it on or if we should just do Mongolian barbecue again, I think of you Whitney, and wonder how you know what flavors will complement each other and how long to let the oven meld them all.

When I sit down to labor over an essay or a blog post, I think of you mom, and wonder how you had the fortitude to write an entire book.

When I pass the time in a meeting doodling on my notes, I think of you Mallory, and wonder how you can move your hands to paint a face that actually looks like a face.

When I try to silently land when floating from forward fold to chaturanga, I think of you Goddess Yoga Teacher, and wonder how it is you seem to levitate and then land without a sound.

When I'm in public and find myself annoyed at the noises children make and wonder if there couldn't have been another way to further the human race, I think of you Aunt Sue, and wonder how you've been able to stand other people's little monsters for the last 20 years as you taught them to multiply and read.

When I find myself bumbling through a sales presentation, quite sure that I'm making an idiot of myself, I think of you, The Husband, and wonder how your slick tongue can sell anyone anything.

While I'm studying the heart, I think of you Lindsay, and wonder how you're able to stay so tough while battling Marin's heart issues.

When I'm trying to come up with an idea that will impress my boss and keep me top-of-mind, I think of you Dad, and wonder how you used ideas and their fruits to support a family of eight.

The life I have is one of examples. It's one decorated with people who can do things I can't. Or who have developed skills I won't. I don't have to look far for awe or inspiration. It's a phone call, an email, a visit, a room away.

Who do you think of when working through the bits of your day-to-day?


whitneyingram said...

This sounds so cheesy, but at least once a day, I think of Ethan's mother Carol who died when he was a little boy. I think of her not cleaning the house and playing with her little boys. I think of her flirting with her husband. I think of her trying to wrangle her twins. When someone dies, we only remember the good things. And I like only knowing the good things about Carol. I know she loved being a mother and as I am in the thick of the mothering part, she becomes an important part of my day.

Alicia said...

This is such a great post! Our lives truly are decorated with examples! My mother is someone I think of often, as I notice just how heavily I tread in her footsteps.

Sue said...

What a great post.

When I'm hobbling around with a sore knee I think of Ethan and his permanently messed up feet and how he's probably looking at a wheelchair. And I quit complaining.

When I'm irritated with the Spouse for a moment, I think of my many friends in bad marriages with rotten spouses and how it may never get better for them because I know my marriage is good.

When I look at my almost 17 year old "baby" I think of Haley and how she is just beginning with her baby girl.

When I look at the trails in the mountains above me, I think of JoAnna and the fact she runs them and I hate her

When I sing in the car I think of Onna and her perfect voice, and I covet.

When I take out my debit card, or sit at the computer and pay bills, I think of the Spouse and how he has provided for us, and I'm grateful.

When I'm trying to think of some way to use-up, re-use, make due, or due without, I think of my Dad and his resourcefulness in that way; and how he had MS and kept on moving and doing.

When I'm tired and feel used up, I think of my Mom and how she had to go to work in a school cafeteria at age 48, and worked there for 12 years.

Like you Megan, I'm surrounded with great examples.

Thanks for this post.

Celena said...

First comment for me...usually I just read & move along. This post hit home today, I'm having an extremely tough morning & in times like this I think about my mom & how she handled 3 kids completely on her own & managed to make it look so completely effortless. Makes me take a step back and realize that I too will get past these trying moments...

Chris and Whit said...

Really great post. Makes you remember how blessed we all are. Today I found out a good friend of mine and her husband just split after he morphed into a major jerk-off after the wedding, and thinking of her makes me re-think being annoyed with my hubs for something as silly as procrastinating the dishes.
I actually think of my grandpa a lot and how he loves to work. He taught my mother to love it too, and she in turn taught all of us and I can see it in each of my siblings. I've got some shoes to fill!

Jessica said...

I think of my friends and how grateful I am for them, despite the fact that I live so far from so many of them. Then I remember that I am making new friends in my new home and how nice it is to have them in my life. They help me to remember that life's not that serious.

Jessica said...

just to clarify: I meant to say they help me to not take things so seriously (or relax, as it's often called).

Lindsay said...

When I am blogging and am punctuating incorrectly, I think of you and how you can see it and how I wish I had the knowledge and the desire to correct it!

jmakin said...

saw this, and thought of you. mac apple pie.

Michele @ The Hills are Alive said...

Love it. Great post. Thankyou needed this today

Julie said...

Every time my husband laughs, I think of my dad (his laugh was identical) and feel sad that my babies will never know him, but so grateful that they will have a dad who is so joyous and happy all the time. My husband's laugh fills in a little of the sadness my dad left behind when he died. Tender mercy? I think so.

cat+tadd=sam said...

Thanks for this. I need this to think more simply and who I need in my life as examples, and how many people I've learned from.

[Morgan] said...

every time i try to do something with my blog, i think of "meg" and how she practically speaks html. i think of her talent and how she works to create awesome, unique graphic after awesome, unique graphic.

when i try, but the words just don't come out right, i think of that same megan and how her words spill out so easily and perfectly.

when i'm feeling scattered and overwhelmed with the heavy to do list i've created for myself, i think of ashley and how she seems to make everything simple, and she's happy.

when my kids have tapped my last nerve and i'm tempted to yell (which is often) i think of friend mary, and remember that holding my tongue and mustering up a little more patience IS possible.

when i'm tired, overwhelmed and feel sure that i don't want to a mother any longer, i think of saint wendy and how in continued efforts to become a mother, she's experienced numerous miscarriages, a stillborn and a newborn son who lived for only 17 days. i ache for her and remember what a miracle it is to bring children into this world and how lucky i am to be 2 for 2.

when my clumsy hands struggle to put a tiny lose tire back onto the tiny toy car where it belongs, anxious son waiting, i think of my husband, with hands that have been trained by tedious work in electronics and how they are quick, smooth and steady.

when i battle my own health problems and let them get the best of me, i think of janetta and how she conquered cancer and moved on to every awesome thing she done since.

i realize you don't know half of these people, but thank you for allowing me to share.
i could even go on.
you certainly are lucky to be surrounded by so many great people.
thanks the reminder that i am too.