Friday, July 24, 2009


This group shot was captured in Pizza Bob's in Haleiwa, Hawaii, circa 1998. It was on this trip that I was coerced to tour the BYUH campus. It was on that tour I decided that it would be the school I'd attend. This during the very long period of my life that I didn't so much like my family. At all. Not the sisters. Not the parents. (Okay, not the mom. Somehow the dad never fell from my good graces.)

Eleven years can do so much in the way of change and progress. I did go to that school. I left with a B.A. in English, some like-minded friends, and a very unintentionally-stumbled-upon husband. I now not only like my family, I adore them. I love my sisters. I feel fortunate to consider my mom one of my very best friends and am appropriately ashamed of how I treated her. Unchanged: my dad still sits squarely in my good graces.

When this picture was taken this was all there was to the family. Dad, Mom Megan, Whitney, Caitlyn, Haley, Mallory, and Lauren (who is unbearbly cute in that photo, isn't she?).

Now the family has blossomed into Dad, Mom, The Husband, Megan, Ethan, Whitney, Jack, Van, Tadd, Caitlyn, Jon, Haley, Addison (arriving within the next few weeks, we 'spect), Nicholas, Mallory, and Lauren. Eleven years ago we were eight. Since then, though not at the speed I believe my mom wishes we would have, we have grown. Eleven years later, we are sixteen.

From the above, we have doubled.


Shelby Lou said...

okay you look nothing like yourself. At least from pictures I have seen, you don't. The only one who really really looks a lot the same is Cat. (This could be because I read all of your families blogs that aren't private, haha) I like this post nonetheless. Because you all look so happy and goofy and fun! Your family rocks!!! Lucky, lucky girl.

Kelly Mo said...

My husband and I LOVED Pizza Bobs when we lived in Hawaii! It was a relatively short drive from Mililani and we tried to go there often. I am so glad that someone else on the "mainland" knows about that great hawaiian pizza joint!

Ashley Thalman said...

First of all a HUGE thank you for posting this. THIS is how I remember things, that blond huge hair, your smirk, and those HORRIBLE platform flip-flops- good hell. I think you should go ahead and tell about your caboodle(s) that kept your buhgillion lip glosses (one of which it seems you are holding in this particular shot).

Another thing- your freaking short shorts that predate your current love for bremudas! I love it.

Ashley Thalman said...

A couple more things....

Whit's SKORT. Bitchin'. For real.

Hay's two-toned tee. I would have LOVED to have such a great, colorful, baggy fitting tee back in '98. (The babydoll tee, now, in its modified form known as the cap-sleeve changed my life.)

Mallory's shoes. Wow.

I am totally digging Caitlyn's floral/plaid-checked-boxes shirt. I wonder where that shirt ended up.

As for Lauren- that is, as you said, uh-damned-dorable.

Can I bring up those shoes of yours again....

**Something tells me I'm missing the mark with these comments so let me say this- I am so glad you have grown into a love and admiration for these gals- they are great.

Jena said...

Remember when I used to babysit you crazy kids? You fired me. I must not have been very fun.

ah junk, did I just admit that I am old enough to have been your babysitter? Yikes!

{Erica} said...

That is how I remember you...the way you look in this picture.

I didn't know you went to BYUH. I bet we were there together at some point (1999-2001)

Did you have Myrna Marler for English? said...

Then you're doubly good- or double mint good.
Aw shit, whatever. Your fam is cute.

Megan said...

Erica, Sis./Dr. Marler is one of my favorite teachers of all time. She was my senior advisor and highly influential on my desire to teach. What did you get your degree in over there?--so long as it wasn't math I probably knew some of your professors.

Ash, you aren't missing the mark at all. I am glad you like the sweet platform shoes, because I'm wearing them this next weekend.

{Erica} said...

Marler was my favorite teacher there...other than Winget. There were 9 of us in her class and I adored every moment of it. I can still see her long painted acrylic nails :) I majored in Biology.

.lived in the hales for one semester
.moved to Rockyroad house up by the point
.worked and danced at PCC
.movie nights in library rooms
.GCB and the CAC
.wearing my swimsuit to my classes so we could all hop in my car and surf the rest of the day
.writing in my journal at temple beach on Sundays
.crazy island hopping weekends

loved my time there!

jmakin said...

isn't it amazing how long ago 1998 feels? i recall moving away from home and being so ready, but then when my family was getting ready to drive away i broke down and bawled like a baby. funny how that works...

Megan and Keli'i said...

Love this post. Totally relate.

rabidrunner said...

I would love to see a dramatic re-enactment of this photo, 11 years later.

[Morgan] said...

ha! i was totally thinking exactly what rabid said!
how fun would it be to see a re-enactment?!
you did say you still have the platform shoes no?.
maybe lauren will consider byuh in a year or so?...

this is how i remember you too. blonde and with perfect posture.

whitney had banging bangs then too and caitlyn has that same smirky (now sexy) smile.

and somehow, this picture makes me admire your mother.

Megan said...

Please Morgan, tell me that you didn't believe that I have those shoes.

[Morgan] said...

no no.