Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As promised: a photo of my progress on my Scorpion Handstand.
Make no mistake there as you see that my toes only hover
near the wall rather than
rest upon it--I couldn't get anywhere near this close to the final posture without the wall.
Someday. It's all a part of the process.


Everyone knows that I practice yoga.
But were you aware that I also teach it?


Good. 'Cause I don't.

But I did on Saturday.

The gal that owns a studio about three miles from my house called me on Friday, frantic to find someone to teach her Saturday morning class. But I, uh, am not a teacher. I've completed some teacher trainings, but I don't have my RYT, in fact, I have decided not to pursue that path, as I'd rather focus on my own practice than those of others. Details. Details. She didn't so much care.

So there I was, Saturday morning at 8AM, leading some middle-aged ladies in postures and breathing, glancing at myself in the mirror every so often, mouthing out that this was so bizarre.

I was nervous, but not as nervous as I probably should have been. I'd never done that before. I'd never taught. But I think that my lack of nervousness could have been due to the fact that this--yoga--is what I do. I've had a regular practice for five years now. I wasn't in high school for that long. I wasn't in college for that long. I haven't been selling drugs for that long. Yoga is what I know. So why shouldn't I be able to take an hour and talk some ladies through some poses?

My biggest concern about the morning was the music. When I practice alone, I like rather unconventional yoga music--I prefer tunes with an identifiable beat, and for my debut into shoddy teaching I didn't think it appropriate to use my own music choices though I wasn't about to give into the standard instrumental-accented-with-mantras music that comes to mind for most when considering a yoga class. So here's what I put together to guide us from downward dog into forward fold in order of appearance:
"It's Good to be in Love" • Frou Frou
"Make it Mine" • Jason Mraz
"Beautiful" • Moby
"Too Much" • Dave Matthews Band
"Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" • John Legend (This one is particularly perfect for Surya Namaskara)
"David" • Nellie McKay
"Boy with a Coin" • Iron and Wine
"Star Mile" • Joshua Radin
"Banana Pancakes" • Jack Johnson
"Porcelain" • Moby
"Everyday People" • Sly and the Family Stone
"Fire and Rain" • James Taylor
"Cat Piano" • Seabear
"Falling Awake" • Gary Jules
"Girl from Ipanema" • Astrud Gilberto, Joao Gilberto & Stan Getz
"Train Song" • Feist & Ben Gibbard
"Orange Sky" • Alexi Murdoch
And it was brilliant. I may not be any kind of yoga teacher of note, but this here soundtrack was perfect. For me, that is; I'm quite sure that it did make the regulars pretty nervous.

Perhaps it shall serve as the mix for my personal practice for the next little while.


whitneyingram said...

You should give me a copy of that list when you come here.

Megan said...

I should do that. I should also try to remember to do that. I shall try.

Sue said...

Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.

repliderium.com said...

Holy crap! I'm sorry- i couldn't even read the post- I'm hypnotized by the picture. I think the only way I could ever contort myself into something similar would be during a car accident......
I'm uber impressed!

Shelby Lou said...

i love yoga but I can't seem to do it without a video or teacher I don't remember what I should do or not. I copied your songs and put them in a playlist but not all of them were on playlist.com. I like it. ALOT!!!!!!!

rabidrunner said...

I'm disappointed to see that "Laffy Taffy" is not on there. So very disappointed.

Megan said...

Hey Rabid, darling, this is my public list.

Jaime Stephens said...

imopressive! The picture and the teaching, WOW!

Jessica said...

awesome and amazing! any tips on getting into a daily practice routine?

Julie said...

I'm impressed.

Also, I say "Pfft" to your fat negative comments regarding yourself. That is one flat tummy.

Jodi said...

You say you can't get near this pose without the wall? I couldn't get near this pose without breaking some bones or severing my spine. Impressive.

cat+tadd=sam said...

The yoga, your pose, the music...all of it's lovely. But I can't stop thinking about that fantastic green wall.

Janeen said...

Thanks for the play list - I was in need of something fresh.

Chris and Whit said...

Holy crap!! You seriously just went up a few notches in my book. I didn't know real people could actually do stuff like that...I kinda thought it was just stuff you saw on TV (like people on TV aren't real?) Very impressive