Monday, April 13, 2009


Update • for images from the session visit this Remarks post.

I'm a fan. And today I feel famous.

A year or so ago, Ashley introduced me to Justin Hackworth Photography. And as I clicked through image after image I found myself smitten. His style, skill, and taste drew me, and I've been following this photog's blog ever since. So when the opportunity to be a part of his 30 Strangers project came up, I squealed such that I scared the livin' daylights out of my dog.

This year, his Strangers project is all about mothers and daughters. I'm a daughter. And I have a mother. I'm in!

So on April 10th I dashed from my sister's hair salon, where she'd just finished my coif's cut and color, to Provo's Center Street, where I felt fortunate to find parking, and zipped up to Justin's studio where I converged with my mother, collapsed on his cornflower-colored couch and had the honor of chatting and meeting Justin's charming wife and costume-clad son. (Cool parents let their kids wear costumes any time of the year; not just on Halloween.)

Once I'd waded through Personally Awkward, the next lil' while was a darn good time (as the second image clearly indicates), as apparently Justin is one of those photographers that goes about being great at his job through talent and party tricks.

After he was through with solely Sue and Megan, my sisters (all but Mal--who is a sexy 21 today--for she has vacated Utah for a life of glamour and falafel overseas) waltzed in to be a part of the captured merriment and relationship documentation.

As review, all I need to say is that what Justin was able to create from our time together will soon adorn my walls.

Go enjoy a teensy sampling of what Justin produced over the course of our session here. And tell you what: without arrogance I feel completely safe in saying that in that first photo, I look rather pretty. Thanks, Mr. Hackworth. It's a crying shame that just now you don't get to enjoy all the images he snagged, for they're the kind that can convince a person that mirrors just might tell lies.

Though I find it's uncomfortable having a big fat, expensive lens focused on me, I enjoyed myself such that and am so very thrilled about the trove of resultant images that I now vow that our session Friday-last isn't going to be the last time I find myself in front of this photo feller's lens.


Although I'm terribly self-absorbed and sent you to Justin's site to look at gaze longingly at images of me, do keep in mind we Peterson girls were just one day of 30. Peruse his blog to check out the mothers and daughters of the month so far and stay tuned for what and who comes next.

I'd like to bear my testimony that I know you won't be disappointed.



Ashley Thalman said...

I love the photos. I love Justin. I love Hackworth. I am a lucky gal all around.

Unknown said...

really good. i love black and whites. and you're right. that first one, of you, with mom in the's a keeper. you look great and not in the least self conscious.

Shelby Lou said...

nice testimony. nice eyes. haha i was stuck on that first picture for a second. not in a creepy-stalker way either.

Just Sue said...

DING DONG! Of course you're pretty...look who you're related to! Love you (and really love the pics)

Janeen said...


A Peterson could never take a bad pix!