Wednesday, April 8, 2009


• Thinking before speaking can yield things to be proud of.
• Wearing sky-high leopard heels makes doing dishes bearable.
• There will always be someone fatter than me.
• Praying is a skill.
• 5 days without my anti-depressant is an act of sheer stupidity and could possibly lead to homicide.
• Old Navy doesn't always suck.
• A weekend without my phone can be something verging on blissful.
• Mind over matter can work sometimes.
• Murphy's Law supersedes all others.
• My treadmill can be a happy place.
• I will love The West Wing as long as I live and probably beyond.
• Without sleep I'm a nasty version of The Wicked Witch of Sparks.
• Nothing can supplant the value of a super supportive spouse.

Anything personally poignant (or not) you've realized (or re-realized) recently and feel the impel to share?


rabidrunner said...

Poignant? I'm worried about our sleep deprivation.

Shelby Lou said...

sleeping through the night isn't possible when you take benedryl at 8 pm you will ALWAYS wake up at 2, 4, and 7 wondering when your day will start.

whitneyingram said...

I could watch my babies sleep forever. But I just have to remember to breath really quietly. Van doesn't sleep as deep as Jack.

My life troubles are not as unique as I think.

Faires Five said...

I need to get me some sky-high leopard heels!


Sue said...

* White vinegar works for everything.
* "And it came to pass" applies to everything.
* Technology can build and break families.
* Jeans are the only way to roll.
* What I thought were my flaws, can actually be spun into strengths.
* The only thing limiting me is me.
* Anything is possible with the Lord - don't limit Him.
* What you think of me is none of my business.
* There is no such thing as "normal."

aezra noell said...

*re-realized how grateful i am for my health(even if my mental health struggles :0).
* thankful to have a car that works. AC is a plus plus!
*i don't have to work( my husband takes good care of us) but I do work to keep me sane.
*trials help me become stronger...everyday im reminded ...and yes it does SUCK! but i'll pull through...after all...the lord only gives us what we can handle. (thats another one i just realized, hm)

Whitney said...

The biggest thought on my mind lately has been this:

*Sometimes I must keep my opinions to myself--not because I'm offending Heavenly Father (He gets me--I think we are squared away), but because I can become a stumbling block to someone who is within my voice's reach and they may judge me and my comments because they don't understand the thinking/experience (or lack thereof) behind them--thus causing them to sin because of their lack of understanding me.

This has been a huge struggle for me lately because I am pretty darn opinionated and strong in those opinions and I'm not afraid to share them. But, I have thought maybe scaling back my voice may sometimes be key. I'm trying to listen to the Spirit on this one.

(In turn, I've found the reverse to be true--I need to quit judging others because I don't know the whole story and for all I know--they are squared away with the Lord too!)

We are still strangers, but I still read your blog and LOVE it!