Sunday, November 25, 2007


When we’d decorated each figure and form, the results were plenty to be proud of.

The Husband's treasures with the addition of my edible Eve:

Being Levi, Levi behaved like Levi and got his creative on big time.

During a spurt of genius, I tagged my mark on one of the treats.

Mallory dubbed the purple one her Evil Cookie. I agree; it does look to have a tinge of the devil to it.

This whole plate belongs to the Lo's imaginative brain. She's inventive and industrious.

Collectively, we agreed that this of my husband's cookies was the best overall.


cat+tadd=sam said...

Thank you very much for the plate of cookies you guys gifted to us. Camme and I quite enjoyed them! She enjoyed Levi's lace, while I enjoyed Eve.

Lynley said...

You decorated those SO cute! Seriously, I'm proud of myself if I get some food coloring in there!