Tuesday, June 3, 2014


• I really still don't get the point of hashtags, and it doesn't bother me. I think I like being a dunderhead on this one.

• Yes, I do have wedding photos to share. Many. They are just what I hoped for: terrific shots of our family with sweet moments of the bride and groom here and there. Teaser:

 photo image.jpg

My hair smells celestial. Rah-rahs for Rahua.

• The number of doctors' office calls per day during which I assure medical office staff that they don't need to worry about me by telling them that "I wait for a living": all of them.

• The Saint Mary's Medical Group South Virginia office hasn't had urgent care services for a year now; they're just primary care providers. Despite the, like, full-on year they haven't been urgent care and the excessive, large-print signage saying that they don't provide urgent services at that location, there is never a time that I'm in that office that someone doesn't come in for urgent care and leave pissed when they are directed to a different location. Not one time, and I'm in there every week.

• What's strange: having a husband who is employed.

• What else is strange: having a husband. Dear Reader, I'm, like, married and stuff. I was getting after myself for a lack of productivity when it comes to writing and art junk and then it occurred to me that I'm technically a newlywed, so how about it's fine that I'm not super productive when my husband's around because I just want to be were he is and that usually isn't in my office writing or designing.

• Oh, that too. I have an office. With a big blue barn door. Jim remodeled to create that space for me. My husband-guy makes stuff happen. That's unfamiliar.

• Back to the thing about having a husband that's got a job: Today I had Jim's Hydroflask in my car, so I dropped it by his office. My husband has an office! And his wife has a job! Last week Jim had a meeting in Carson City and I was working south too, so we met for lunch in downtown Carson. The newness of such an experience wasn't lost on us.

• High-heeled nude sandals are the solution to my every work wardrobe question.

It's been months a-many since I've worn pants to work. Which sounds saucier than it is.

• Abs are a bit sore today. No, not from yoga—though my practice is daily and sweaty and lovely lately, thanks for asking—but from laughing. I laugh so hard with Jim's kids—last night his two oldest and his son-in-law; there are plenty of times that Dustin's sense of humor has had me on the floor, knees too weak with laughter to hold me up—that my stomach muscles get a workout.

• Remember how my husband proposed to me in yoga class with a ring that descended out of the sky? Sigh. Swoon.


Jodi Jean said...

<3 this made me smile ... I can tell you are smiling!

Unknown said...


So. You're happy you did the whole white wedding thing? Sweet picture of you both, atop.

Best wishes!