Wednesday, June 11, 2014


• I made drug calls in Yerington and Fallon today. I wrote more wedding thank-you notes during lunchtime. But the part of my day that gave me the greatest sense of accomplishment was at the very beginning when, while getting dressed in our closet, Jim mentioned that he needed more shirts for work, and less than 20 minutes later I had five work shirts and six t-shirts ordered and on their was to our pad. I genuinely consider efficient online shopping one of my most significant talents. Not only do neither one of us have the desire to go shirt shopping, we just don't have the time

• If you're in the shower and you unknowingly put a replacement razor head on upside down, you'll find yourself naked and perplexed, confused as to why the brand new—overpriced, I'm just sure of it—razor totally sucks.

Mally-sister, her dashing beau Nicky, and long-long-long-lashed wee one, Sy, are gonna be in the states next month. I'm muchly looking forward to seeing them. A year between viewings is too long.

I'm married. In case you forgot.

• My hair stylist is too pretty.

• I love that Dustin drinks tea.

My Jim is never happier than when all his kids are in the house. That happened Sunday. Nathaniel and Katelynn came over for dinner and games and Dustin got home from work just in time for food. There was tri-tip by James, quinoa salad and roasted vegetables by his wife, and a couple key lime pies courtesy of Gay, Jim's sweet and stylish ma, making the food nearly as enjoyable as the company.

Scattergories is a Peterson family fave, and the Ellikers have graciously adopted it too. Play it with Katelynn sometime. Really, do.

• Ben and I have been indulging is Suess lately. Oh Say Can You Say? No, not really, but I sure do try.

• So I married a man with kids. It's bound to come with in-home challenges, sure (she said in the manner of one uttering the greatest understatement of ever), but one of the most challenging of challenges is putting up with the unsolicited step-parenting advice from all people everywhere. I certainly don't claim to know what I'm doing in this new familial arrangement, but I only have so much RAM to work with. It's not personal, but if you're giving me "parenting" advice, there is a more than decent chance I won't recall a word you say. Unless, that is, you yourself were a step child; in that case I'm listening very closely and will try very hard to remember what you tell me.

Jim orders his pizza with light cheese and extra sauce. Waiters usually get it wrong.

• Sometimes when Jim is talking to me I have to ask him to repeat what he's said because I spent the talking time distracted by how handsome I find him.

• The JiMeg merger's complete and I'm moved in and have an office and am basically settled, so I have to get back to my writing now.

• As a test case, Jim switched out a standard electrical outlet for one that that includes two USB ports. Those things are pretty much as revolutionary as gym bags with special shoe compartments; there should be more of 'em.

• I am busy.

Longer hair smells filthier faster.

• When I was married to the wasband I called myself The Sequel, since I was a second marriage. On a similar thread I call Jim The Upgrade.

In. Absolutely. Every. Single. Way. Imaginable.

So she—me—is pleased.

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Audrey said...

"Remind me to give you a whole bunch of parenting advice the next time I see you," said Audrey never.