Monday, August 5, 2013


Sometimes readers leave comments that need to be reposted. The Boyfriend just added one of those to yesterday's post. I wrote that that Jim financially supports his kids and our exes. People get curious about the money specifics. They wanna know just how much. Were you one of them? Well, be curious no more. My guy gifted you with some delish voyeuristic deets. Dig in.

(Be warned though, your eyes might fall out of your head, and there's a fair chance you'll throw up all over the device on which you're reading this.)

Is it just me, or is that a boatload of dough? One might say that infidelity can be a lucrative dalliance . . . 

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Unknown said...

No wonder they don't get married. That would be $2500 less a month. My Terry had a list very similar to that one when we got married. I feel your pain.