Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Let's come out and say it:
Last year was just junk.
Your wife went bananas,
And my spouse was a punk

Between you and me,
We cried barrels of tears.
We tried to save marriages
That we'd been in for years

When we both lost those battles
We each needed a friend,
We needed someone who "got it"
Who understood our dead end

I was sad for your kids,
I wanted to know how they were
So I took you to lunch,
And from there was a blur—

I dropped lots of hints
I hit on you outright
And finally you got it
That wintery night . . .

I said age wasn't an issue
Sixteen years? No big deal
So what if you're older?
We both need to heal.

It was then that it clicked
You were like, "What?
This chick might be into me,
And she's got a great butt!"

It was the start of this thing,
This thing that is weird.
We were the ones left behind
When they disappeared

But not everything's rotten
When all's said and done.
We may have lost battles,
But really we won.

You're a hell of a catch,
We work good as a team,
I make you feel loved,
It's sort of a dream

So Jim, Happy Birthday
It's all been a whirl
And now that I've got you
I'm the luckiest girl. 


Rabid said...

I know this post is about Jim, but I must say... your hair looks terrific!

Rabid said...

I sent you a text to send Jim a text to wish him a Happy Birthday, but here here it is again "Happy Birthday Jim!"