Monday, February 4, 2013



• I had a dream last night that I convinced my parents to get a goat. It was a pygmy goat that stayed tiny and boasted one hell of an appetite for the lawn.

• I have two besties. They are Amber and Jess. One of them had a baby a few days ago. (Guess which!) I'm looking forward to meeting that little fella and teaching him about the second amendment and vegetarianism. It'll be quite the confusing afternoon.

• Here are a few things I really like about being on my own—filling up the whole master closet with all my clothes and shoes, a bathroom towel bar that's only wide enough for one towel, my dog all to myself, a super-organized garage, an all-vegetarian fridge, parking diagonally in the garage, and having no one but myself to answer to about budgeting.

• Here are a few things I really don't like about being on my own—yeah, I'm not telling you those. They're pretty pathetic sounding. I'll save that depressing whatnot for a different day. 

• I suppose I should do something with this Masters degree thing I got last month. What to do? What to do? How about I sell drugs, visit family, listen to audiobooks, watch food TV, do yoga, and plan mini-vacations? Sound good? Sound familiar? No, you didn't read wrong—not a word about writing was in there. I'll work on that. Perhaps.

• I want more money.

I watched the Super Bowl last night. The whole thing. I might have hollered at the television. If I did, I couldn't help myself. Fun fact about Megan: though she's not at all into sports, get her really watching a game or on the sidelines of some sporting event, and you might meet her alter ego Psycho Soccer Mom. I pretty well kept her in check yesterday, but there have been times in the past that she's reared her bouffant head, hollering at refs, screaming when an athlete botches a play, etc. It's unnerving.

• My yoga practice is suffering. Been slacking. Four days/week isn't enough. I need at least five. Skip less to sweat more. It's time to kick it in gear, Romo. It's time to really make the mat your bitch. 


Sue said...

I've just been thinking we need a goat around here. You're prophetic.

Rabid said...

The sibling rivalry of that Super Bowl game had me rather distracted. I still don't know who won. I'm still wondering which team the mom wanted to win...