Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I just got the best news, like, ever.

And here you have it: the clock on my work computer is an hour fast. I looked from one screen to another and discovered that I have a whole extra hour that I didn't know I had. So what am I gonna do with it? Oh, probably nothing worthwhile.

What should I be doing with my surprise hour? Probably packing for this week's work trip, packaging prints from a recent Joss & Main sale, expense reporting, folding laundry, alphabetizing shipping labels, logging sales calls, researching appropriate literary journals for my "work," or maybe even taking out the trash.

Instead of conquering the ol' to-do list, I've been listening to Cupcake Wars while I put my work email on a diet. I'm a fan of vacationing, but I always question the wisdom of taking time off from work when I come back to a morbidly obese inbox.

A couple other bits:

• Discover Card's new slogan "we treat you like you'd treat you" seems rather poorly thought out.

I love Ambien. Like, a whole helluva lot. Am I addicted? Who cares? I'm getting sleep. I think what I'm addicted to is feeling well-rested.

• That to-do list I mentioned—it's overwhelming me right now. I haven't been all that overwhelmed for while, but I'm really feeling it right now.

• Personal experience says that using Diet Dr. Pepper as one's primary, uh, "hydration" fluid doesn't actually negatively influence a Bikram yoga practice. I mean, water might be a better choice, and I really have considered drinking it, but when evil diet soda tastes so much better and doesn't screw up my practice, I am totally fine with guzzling it in absurd amounts on an absurdly regular basis. Long-term health? Well, I have never drank. I have never smoked. I'm a vegetarian. I'm giving myself an effing break on the soda front. So there.

• My friends are cooler than yours. I know it's not exactly the kind of thing you should brag about or use as a comparison factor, but the facts are what they are: my people are the most bitchinest. And yeah, that's a word.


Megan and Keli'i said...

Three things:

1. I think I need Ambien. I have a crazy amount of anxiety at night that prevents me from sleeping. Does this call for Ambien?

2. I have been using Diet Dr. Pepper as my primary source of hydration for years now. I prefer it. Makes me happy.

3. Bitchinist is absolutely a word. Used it in a sentence just yesterday.

Rabid said...

I was just now reminded that there is an icy Diet Dr. Pepper in my fridge right now. I had forgotten about it. But now, thanks to my bitchinest friend, I hear it calling to me in a fizzy 'n sultry, come-hither voice: "Drink me. You know you wants it. Come get your precious."