Monday, February 6, 2012


It’s only January and I’ve got Wanderlust on the brain. The Squaw Valley event isn’t for six moths, but I’m already hyped for the food, music, teachers, weather, and for the people. By which I mean the fellow attendees—

With so many different yogis at the festival, the people are fun to watch.

Every yoga festival’s got its earth mothers. Food-wise, if it ain’t raw, they ain’t eatin’ it. These gals aren’t wearing a single article of clothing that’s outside the brown-green-brown color spectrum. Their jewelry—and there’s no shortage of it—is all polished rocks. Red jasper to temper emotions. Turquoise to amp up creativity. Green agate to keep them centered. And the ever-important moonstone to hone their innate intuition. Their anklets jingle when they step back into downward-facing dog. Often seen rooting through trashcans for that plastic water bottle some barbarian didn’t put in the recycle bin, they are at the festival to connect. To find stability in The Earth . . . (read more)

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