Monday, February 6, 2012


My grandma is dead. My last grandparent. The grandfinale, you could say.

And I’m glad.

If I have any wit at all, it came from Betty. And that sharp wit of a bright mind, for years, remained snared in a body beaten. There was a stroke. There was cancer. There was mostly though old age that kept at her until the body gave.

With a mind that remained—she needed to go.

And finally she did.

And, for her, I’m glad.

Us—'round about 4.5 years ago.


My25Cents said...

You have her cheekbones.

She was beautiful...And will always be.

Positive thoughts from across the continent.

Megan said...

25, thank you! I feel the good vibes for sure!

(And thanks for the nice cheekbone comment. She was--is--a truly fantastic gal.)