Tuesday, June 29, 2010


• Absolutely everything bugs me today and there's just no way I can blame hormones or depression.

• Breaking news: Gardening isn't breaking news.

• I'm sick and tired of having a little body that doesn't fit into little things.

• Words I really don't like: whimsical, vintage, retro, indie, thrifting. More to surely follow.

• Awesome Bikram wear with super customer service. If'n you're a moron that does this kind of yoga, try 'em out. (I'm one of you, so I can say that.) http://stupidtinyurl.com

• I have the best counterparts (rep speak for "coworkers") on the planet. No idea how I got so fortunate.

• New pair of black heels. If I wasn't married and straight (for these are certainly female shoes), I'd gage their interest in eloping. http://stupidtinyurl.com

• I am shallow.

• Leaving for yoga in 15 minutes and I have done exactly none of the things on my before-yoga-to-do-list. This isn't an anomaly.

• The camera in this iPhone 4 of mine is really spectacular. Read an article saying it wouldn't be. Author was wrong.

• Blogging on breastfeeding seems to be all the rage lately. http://stupidtinyurl.com

• I often lament that not everyone has met my dog. If you did meet her, trust me, you'd fall in love.

• New yoga top isn't going to work for Power Yoga--neckline is too low. May very well make updog Flashingasana.

• I am throughly uninteresting.

• Very excited to finally hang my 40X60 family proclamation print and snap a pic to post. http://stupidtinyurl.com

• Listening to Stieg Larsson's The Girl that Kicked the Hornet's Nest. That Salander is a piece of work.

• Why can't I eat whatever I want?

• Sale at Banana Republic and I just got a pair of gorgeous slacks for $17. I feel like a champion.

• Expense reporting is the first circle of Hell.

• Don't remember the last time I actually sat down and read a book.

• Did I mention that everything is bugging me today?


whitneyingram said...

Did my phone call to you today about a certain person's lack of health insurance bug you?

I am glad you got my message about the "home farming movement" and how it's not a movement at all.

I hear movement and think bowel movement.

Whimsical. If people looked up the definition, it wouldn't mean what they think it means.

I like those shoes. I approve of you purchasing them.

You are shallow.

I hate breastfeeding. And I love my baby. Is it possible to love your baby and not breastfeed?

I know your dog, and I love her. And so does my husband. She is the only little dog Ethan likes.

You are one of the most interesting people I know.

You can eat whatever you want, but you shouldn't. Come over to my house. I made some maple pecan sticky buns.

You are going to sit down and read a book really soon. I am going to send you "The Man Who Ate Everything". It's excellent.

Sue said...

So it must be a moon phase or something, 'cause I've been uber-witchy today too.

First off, did you make the garden remark because of my blog comment today? 'Cause if you did, oooo, I'm not happy with you. Little Garden IS big news.

As far as my cranky day, well I was nasty beyond nasty to the DISH Network customer service rep on the phone. I wanted to shoot the messenger.

Then some obnoxious pest control salesmen dude shows up at my door and I shut the door so fast on him I'm not sure he even knew someone answered the door.

And to top it off, I'm out of the Doctor, Pepper, that is. How's a girl supposed to be decent when the doctor is out?

So oldest Chix, your not the only bottom dweller today.

Walker said...

Ugh, and "chic." Especially when it's combined with your words (retro chic, vintage chic...).

Jessica said...

Why is "thrifting" a thing? First of all, it's not a word. Second of all, thrift stores smell bad. Third of all, I like new stuff so "thrifting" seems weird. To me.

Also, you're not shallow or uninteresting. Quite the opposite.

Oh, and I know what you mean about everything bugging you. I felt that way last week.

Kate said...

I've just finished the Larsson books. Loved them.
Listening to the audiobooks sort of counts as reading, I ended up reading 50% and listening to 50% of Hornet's Nest.

Also, you are not shallow or uninteresting, you're just having an off-day. I'm having a run of them at the moment but you blog helps. Thank you.

Unknown said...

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