Wednesday, June 30, 2010


• Picked up the dog from her hair appointment, got her in the car, and she promptly peed a river on the passenger seat of my just-detailed work car.

• I'm proud to say that it didn't even occur to me to get mad; it was my fault. I didn't ask her if she needed to pee before we got in the car.

• Just paid $3,400 for el husband to attend a week-long Mac workshop. Boy wasn't that the high point of our June.

• Updates to our expense reporting system mean that I have to complete my report tonight. $100 for anyone who is willing to do it for me. (Correctly, of course.)

• Note: if you stay at Green Valley Ranch for a meeting, make sure you get the receipt then; trying to get them to send it to you later is Hell.

• Really wish that my life permitted me to just blow things off, go to my mom's house, and go on rides with her in the evening on Dad's golf cart.

• Ratting out my spouse: If I don't make myself available when he wants to go, the man will go to Eclipse alone.

• Follow-up note: It's not that he's some crazy fan (though he says he's on Team Jacob), he just likes to see movies of all kinds when they hit theaters.

• Follow-up note II: Whit, maybe Ethan would like to join him? I know he does the same kind of thing--from Hairspray, to Up, to It's Complicated type stuff.

• Incidentally, It's Complicated is now one of my favorite movies. Watch it and look for the laptop part.

• And while you're watching, note that the laptop is, of course, a Mac.

• And if you're into Apple like we are (or at least a quarter of what we are), go look at how rad MH's family looks as a Mac.

• Anyone want to trade me some regular lite soymilk for the vanilla lite stuff I accidentally bought at the store on Monday?

• How to get attention in yoga class: either be super flexible or super stiff; either way, the teacher will make you her project.

• New habit of buying 3 Sonic Route 44 Diet Strawberry Limeades at once. One for me. One for him. One for tomorrow morning.

• I'm in charge of dessert for our lunch appointment today. What should I bring? Something that comes in a pink bakery box . . .

• Said it before: I'm glad that my particular code of modesty doesn't permit super short lengths, for I've really not got the legs for such styles.

• In fact, I wasn't even born with legs. I have sausages.

• I'm so undecided on my hair. Some days I think it's pretty great, but other days I just want to grow it out.

• I love having five sisters and a mom that's a sister-like friend. I'm lucky, er, blessed.

• Updates to Formerly Phread should be done soon, and I think it's going to look pretty awesome. Sorry if I wasn't supposed to say anything, Jenny.

• Still can't stomach grown women wearing flowered headbands.

• Someone please buy Cat internet service. I'm sick of fuzzy pictures posted from her phone.

• I have nothing to wear.

• Have a bottle of bubbles on my desk. Sometimes I blow them at the dog.


~j. said...

Say away. Can't wait.

You prefer regular to vanilla soy milk? I've been getting vanilla lately. It's like dessert.

Megan said...

Yeah, vanilla is nice and sweet, but I drink the stuff and don't so much like having a vanilla drink with something savory to eat.

Tricia said...

lol....grown women wearing flowered headbands.........I only see that at church.

I'm guilty of a headband. And a flower. But never at the same time.

whitneyingram said...

I am quite prideful about my hair. It's long, healthy and nearly perfect. I have yet to find a hair accessory, besides a bobby pin and a hair elastic, that deserve an experience on my hair.

Trish has great hair too. Like exceptional hair.

Rabid said...

Thank you for posting. That's all I gots ta say. Thank you.

Tricia said...

whitney I think you're right on about your hair!

hair should be appreciated for what it is without so many distractions. and thanks....i feel pretty lucky to have gotten the good hair gene in my family.

cat+tadd=sam said...

Good news, we should be getting internet soon thanks to our downstairs neighbor who is on top of things, unlike myself.

How about you wear your black heels and/or those gorgeous $17 slacks.

L said...

I thought the flower headband was as bad as it got until I saw a female at church wearing this