Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was surfing for new and different Bikram shorts a couple weeks ago, and in my travels I came upon a dancewear website that boasted some photos of their work in action. A couple of the snaps were of a caliber too delightsome to keep to oneself.

It's pretty uncomfortable imagining what this little dance might have looked like:

A dance dedicated to the early practice of polygamy:

Fools. At your age it's more cougars than tigers. But that there's a very lovely point you've got going on your right tootsie, matronly Madam in the Middle:

I really don't have words for this costume. If you do, please share. When I look at this picture I bust up laughing, thus losing my ability to apply thought:

Oh, and Rabid, should you have the time, I'll bet you'd be great at giving us the tunes to which these dancers shook their creatively-clad tokheses.


Jessica said...

So, which outfit did you buy?

whitneyingram said...

I am still laughing at the last one. The best part is that she is so serious. I just can't handle it.

And I know you laughed at it. I can hear your laugh in my head right now. Damn it, I wish you were here so we could laugh at it together. It's so bizarre.

whitneyingram said...

And yes, Rabid needs to give me some tunes to these pictures. She could do it up right.

Rabid said...

Let's start with Super Freak - Rick James. I'll be back for more. Perhaps it will be a Tuesday Tune in a week or two...

L said...

Good call Rabid. This has Little Miss Sunshine written all over it.