Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I bought these a couple years ago and not until just recently did I find what I think is a perfect use for them.

The bounty of my birthday this year included a box of terifically tasty loose leaf herb teas from Jessica. They're a real treat for the tongue, but also too pretty to hide. So instead of stuffing the little tins with spices I'm unlikely to use, buttons I won't sew back on, or beans that are better hydrated, I filled 'em with tea-to-be. The benefits of this little idea are three-fold:
1 • I get to finally make use of these little magnetic tins that I thought were nifty but have been empty for years.
2 • The comely teas Jessica selected for me get to make more of themselves than just satisfying sips.
3 • When my teas are easy to see, I actually use 'em!
Sometimes the seemingly minute can be the most gratifying, yes?



Megan and Keli'i said...

Ooooo. I love those. Too bad my kids would open them up when I'm not looking and spread them around the kitchen floor. Not fun. But someday...

I love tea. Love it. That is a lovely gift.

Sue said...

Look at you! I love it.

Jessica said...

Such a great idea! I agree, those teas are too pretty to hide. I'm so glad you found a cool way to display them.