Thursday, May 20, 2010


There is a seed.

Someone plants it. And then they water it. And the seeds gets an idea.

It decides to grow.

So it sprouts. Something small and green springing from a dot that looks like wood.

Time passes and the thing grows. First it's a small green thing. Then it's a more-than-small thing. Green all over.

But then, there is something else. Something atop the green. Something not green. Something purple. A purple bud.

The thing from the seed--it's a flower. A violet.

Our family now has a violet too--a Violet Ingram. I was there to witness her arrival, and I intend to tell you about it sometime soon. No time now though; no time to write anything. But I did have time to design this:

The purple bud's mother wanted a poster of a Violet seed packet to hang over her crib. Turns out I have the necessary tools to create things like that.


Jessica said...

Your genius strikes again. I am grateful I can witness it. Even in Italy. (Italy!)

Winder said...

That is fantastic! I need a sister like you.

~j. said...