Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, I've finalized and submitted my Wanderlust schedule.

I'm confident that these class picks will do an excellent job of teaching me new things, invigorating my practice, and basically vinyasa-ing me right into the ground. The first class alone will probably send my shoulders into revolt and turn my arms into jelly.

The Art and Science of Handstands with Jason & Jenny
I'm working on getting away from the wall on my handstand.

Welcome Orientation Session: Awaken Your Inner Warrior with Duncan Wong
I think after a handstand class I will want a rest, and this is supposed to be a light practice.

Trio with Baron, Seane, Shiva, and the Dave Stringer Band
This is supposed to be the archetypal Wanderlust Experience; I feel I must enjoy.

Flight School: Arm Balances with Elena Brower
Need help on my arm balances.

Crumble with Rusty Wells
I love Rusty Wells, see.

Yoga Rocks with Shiva Rea
Yoga to Moby? Live? Yes!

Kula Flow: Backbending from Below the Belt with Schuyler Grant
Looking for more stability in my backbending.

Ashtanga with Extra Spice with Doug Swenson
I am thrilled about the opportunity to take a class from Doug Swenson; when our studio owner brought him to Reno I was out of town and couldn't go.

"Tricky Transitions"--All the fun of Flowing and Floating with Brock & Krista Cahill
We're working a lot on floating in class and I seem to have plateaued.

Now I must get right on buying some new darling tops! It shouldn't matter that this thing isn't until the end of July, right?


L said...

Won't you need some pants too? Enabling I am.

Mette said...

you sooooooo started blogging again. ;P

whitneyingram said...

With a name like Duncan Wong, you would be an imbecile if you didn't attend his class. Duncan Wong is the name of a phenom.

Now is that his yoga name, or his real name? Do people have yoga names? Like Schuyler Grant is either his yoga name or he was destined from birth to do yoga. Probably came out in downward dog and once the placenta was delivered, he gave his mother a soothing "namaste".

Jessica said...

Do you ever shop Lululemon? Their stuff washes and wears so well.

Also, I'm jealous of your schedule. Sounds awesome.

Rabid said...

I'm not so jealous of your schedule. That looks exhausting.

Jessica said...

...says the woman who runs marathons.

For fun.

Walker said...

I got tired just reading that schedule!

whitneyingram said...

Oooh! Shazam Jessica! Yeah Rabid. Let's talk about marathons for fun. BORING.

Jessica said...

Rookie, I love that you just said Shazam. Wasn't that a movie with Shaq in it?