Thursday, November 19, 2009


• I had a chocolate-covered caramel as dessert after my breakfast of immature cereal.

• Before leaving the house I finally took all the Andrea Bocelli music off my iPhone. He's great in measured doses, but I was about Bocellied out.

• I forgot to pick up a pair of slacks from the tailor yesterday (not a new pair of pants--I’m staying true to my vow--just a pair that I’ve had for a couple months and have needed hemmed if they were going to be useful for my 5' 2" frame), and I really wanted today to be the day I finally wear my new grey herringbone suit. So I tore the tags off of the jacket, put it on with a pair of plain black slacks, drove the the tailor, paid for the hemming, and changed into the corresponding pants in their dressing room. On my way out the tailor said I looked nice. I thanked her.

The St. Mary’s parking garage made me as angry as it usually does. Nice way to cut costs, you nitwits; cram as many parking spaces as you can into precarious lines and then assume no one is going to get in accidents as they navigate your pathetic maze.

• When I pulled up to The Chocolate Nugget on my way back from Carson City, I should have just backed out and zoomed away when I saw the tour bus; but, like an idiot, I instead went inside. I didn’t look left. I just went right. Right to the taffy bins. Fortunately, instead of taking the time to carefully select from all the different flavors of taffy I just grabbed a couple pre-packaged assorted taffy boxes. Then I picked up a maple cream and a fresh mint truffle and turned toward the cash register. Where the line was 20 retirees long. As if. I set down the parcels I was ready to purchase and walked out.

I stop at the Chocolate Nugget once every quarter or so, and whenever I do, I walk in, get what I need (like how I just made candy a need?), and walk out. My expectations were skewed. If it was normal to have to wait in line to pay, I woulda' sucked it up and done so. But it’s not common. So I dropped my stuff on a shelf and walked out. Pretty ticked. Who did that bus of retirees think they were? Who said they could tour their way to my favorite candy store and inhibit a speedy exit?

• I actually ate at my lunch appointment. I do lunches with doctors, and, as I've told you before, I don’t ever eat at the lunches. Ever. Really. It can get awkward, but I always talk my way through the avoidance. But today was the one in a million. The office, of just four people, ordered from a Thai place, and when I went to pick up the food it smelled so delightful that I couldn’t help but order some Pad Thai for myself. Bummer that I ate it with people--meant I couldn’t emit the moaning sounds the noodle dish deserved.

• I rescheduled my hair appointment on Saturday for a the 28th 'cause I don’t need the 'do cut quite yet. I don’t want to interfere with the string of great hair days I’ve been enjoying.

• I called the office with which I’m spending tomorrow's noon hour to see what they wanted for lunch. After I was put on hold for five minutes, they told me they wanted food from some Greek place that doesn’t deliver. I told them to go fly a kite. Order from somewhere that delivers or we’re going to have to cancel. You know what I look like. Do I look like someone who can haul pounds of food without breaking a sweat and getting their workwear all yucky? That’s what I thought.

• I almost turned the wrong way on a one-way street.

I swallowed my gum. Again. Twice.

• When I saw another rep staring at a directory in a medical building I asked him who he was looking for, saying that perhaps I could help. He told me. And then I learned that this was his first day on the job and his first day in Reno (had been a rep for another company elsewhere prior to) and he was selling GI meds. So I sat with him and gave him the rundown on all the Gastros in the area, corrected bad addresses on his list, and told him which offices require appointments and who he needed to talk to. I think I made a friend. Seemed really grateful.

All in all, typical yet not a waste of 9 hours.


Ryan said...

you said "the moaning sounds the noodle"

Megan said...

Sure did.

Unintentional genius.

Jessica said...

ooooh, I love the new blog design. Fancy.

I'm so impressed with your niceness with the new GI guy. I'm guessing you made his day much less stressful.

Andria said...

I also love the new blog design.

And I love that you wore your brown pants to pick up the ones you really needed.

L said...

I am with Jessica and Andria.....your new design has me enthralled. I am going to just ogle and appreciate this.

Megan said...

Golly, kids. It's nothing special; I was just sick and tired of the bright colors. I'm not really a bright colors kind of girl.

Megan said...

Oh, but thank you anyhow.

kathryn said...

Glad you found a new tailor.