Saturday, November 21, 2009


NatOurRat asked if I was sportin' a faux hawk in the Cookery photo.

I dunno. Here's The Self right now. At her computer working on some design stuff and listening to Forrest Gump on Netflix streaming in the background. A look at Right Now thanks to the iMac's little camera. Click!

Check me out: real-time blogging. And switching between first person and and third.

The Husband and I call that little boost at my crown a rooster-tail, 'cause that's what the stylist, Kitty, called it, but I suppose I could be different bird altogether. A rooster? Or a hawk? What I wouldn't give for wings.


Kalli said...

I love it, like in a big way.

Megan said...

And I therefore love you, Mme. Ko.

L said...

Man oh man I pine for the ability to pull off such a short do. Curse the curly some days. I also love the fact that you have posted tres blogposts today. Such a treat. Gracias, I needed the brain food today.

P.S. You are simply adorable!

Jessica said...

sometimes I curse the curly for the inability to do a short 'do as well.

Well, I've had a short 'do twice. Ugly both times.

Megan, I love this. I really do. And that scarf rocks. Is it wrong that I have more scarves than I'd like to admit?

Megan said...

Yes, the reason I put this picture here was to, of course, make you call me adorable, Larserino. (Weird how Firefox thinks that is a word. Just kidding.)

At least you've given me something to be happy about today, Kalli, Lars, and Jessica. Thanks for that. Not that I was swimming in a pit of depression or anything like that; rather I have some strong opinions about compliments. Please remind me to write about that.

And Jessica, tt's strange that I'm wearing a scarf today. It's my second time wearing a scarf for a year or so. It's even stranger that I tucked up the ends. That's a first. I did it so they wouldn't fall into the sink when I was washing the dishes. Yes, I just wander around the house in a scarf. Remember that I told you that I took The Husband to work again today; I've already been out in frigid Reno. Just kept the scarf on. Though it's not at all unlike me to wear an random accessory around the house. I'll suddenly appear in the loft (I'll apparate), where The Husband is watching a movie, wearing a layered necklace or blue heels (with pajamas) or a scarf. Gosh, Lars is right, I'm 'dorable.

Jessica said...

I like to try new outfits on and then wear them around the house to give them a test drive, despite the fact it's usually time for bed. Nothing wrong with that, I say.

Haven't figured out how to apparate yet. Still a 4th year.

Julie said...

I sort of love the hair and scarf. Like, a lot.

Haley said...

You are sexy.

Darcy said...

I don't care what kind of bird it is. You hair is more cute than mine, and I hate it with a fiery passion.

...Just kidding. Not about the 'cuter than mine' part, 'cause that's true. You're darling, darling.


Natalie said...

Upon seeing your picture I had three thoughts, and according some prophet's wife (can't recall whom), you should not suppress a generous thought, so:

1. I love your scarf.
2. I love your dainty little nose.
3. Hawk or Rooster or Cockatiel, I LUFF your plumage.