Wednesday, October 7, 2009


How was Wicked?

Wicked awesome, I say. And possibly made more awesome because The Husband insisted on front-row tickets.

When we sat down, I complained: The front row? This is dumb. I'm not going to be able to see anything. We're too close. I told you this would be too close. It's like at the movies; no one sits in the front row if they can help it.

Er, I was wrong.

At intermission, smirking--for he knew the answer, The Husband asked, Can you see okay?

Not the stuff in the far back.

Well it's in the far back because it's not important. The stuff in the back is for the people in the cheap seats.

It's dumb that people in cheap seats can see better than I can.

Can see the stuff that doesn't matter.

I guess you may have a point there.

The Husband wanted front row seats so that he could see the players sweat. We were close enough to watch flecks of spit spin from Elphaba's tongue when she spewed an especially big belt, but I didn't see anyone sweating. I guess they were just that good.


Megan and Keli'i said...

Ooooo. I'm jealous. Front row, huh? Your hubby is a good man. Nothing good ever comes out here. Only Blink 182 concerts. Hello? I'm not 17 anymore. C'mon, Hawaii, let's get some culture! I feel as though I'm getting dumber by the day. Sigh.

Markelle said...

We had the crappy far away seats, but it was still awesome. I was counting down the days to see this musical. As a result of 'wicked' over exposure "I hope you're happy" is now a common phrase said at our home.

Julie said...

I have seen this show 7 times. Yes, 7. I have been on the front row, and I have been in the crappy back rows...Front is awesome-er by far.