Friday, July 10, 2009


I now know that blogs have the power to change things. For mine has.

In my last post of tweets, I wrote that I want my mom to return to public life and abolish the need for logging in to read her blogging bits and pieces. Grace-be-praised, she read that and relented. That makes today your lucky day. One no longer has the need to be on the VIP list to get in. I mock-twittered; she answered. Blogs have power, people.

Why did I want her to come out from hiding? She's funny and interesting and I've been told more than just a few times that my mom's comments on my blog are the clever kind. Now's your chance to enjoy more of my ma.
A bit about the lady I call Ma: My mom is 50. She won't be bothered that I told you that, because so far as someone can be proud of their age, she's proud of hers. She's not a ninny about getting older. She let her hair go grey and doesn't fret over wrinkles. It makes her so much more fun than if she were nervous about her years. Those 50 years have given her a lot of livin' and plenty of learnin'.

Her online alias is Hen Pecks, for she is the mother hen of the sixchix (my five sisters and me) and her writings are pecks upon the keyboard. She lives in a small town in Utah, seated on the mountainside just near enough to the wilderness to go exploring on her quad and scare the living daylights out of any stupid-enough-to-get-on-there passengers.

She loves the outdoors so much she brought them inside. The woman has the healthiest houseplants you'll ever see. I'm not exaggerating. They're so green and lush that folks ask if they're faux. Why are they so healthy? She talks to them. And gives them names. And then labels them with their names. It seems nutty, but one cannot deny the verdant fruits of her chatter.

She is a writer with a manuscript ready for publication, and when she's not tapping away at her beloved iMac, Maxwell, (for she is a Mac whore too) she is discovering new tricks to go greener, conserve, get a simple chocolate fix, avoid waste, clean more efficiently, attend to her health, maintain her spirituality, and keep her garden growing. Read her blog, for she shares those tips and tricks she comes upon. The woman is a fount. And an enjoyable one at that.

You know how I'm all hot and bothered for the sake of honesty and beg for more reality in people's postings? Well, I never needed to beg my mom. She is an honest blogger, telling it like it is.

, she's not one of those bloggers that will tantalize you with a post or two and then take a month-long sabbatical.
She's a daily-poster, ladies. I highly recommend you subscribe to her feeds, for you shall surely be fed. (Hot dawg, I'm a genius with that last sentence.)
I love the way she's taken to structuring her posts as of late. On any given day she writes a slew of simple paragraphs outlining her doings and those of my Utah family (which is everyone aside from me). It keeps me in the loop, keeps me entertained, and is always very easy to follow. I think for people who have out of town family, it's a great way to keep folks apprised and enraptured.

Changing the world, I am. One post at a time.


Julie said...

I like that you called your mom a Mac whore.

Megan said...

Only the finest of people merit such a complement.

Jessica said...

i love your mom's remarks from sparks button. such a nice daughter to personalize a button for your mom.

Jena said...

Nice work! She really does need to share that fountain of knowledge, wit, etc. with all who desire to partake. I'm clapping right now. In my head, since I'm typing and can't really clap.

Megan said...

Jena, I'd really like you to try clapping and typing. C'mon. Give it your best shot.