Sunday, July 5, 2009


It appears that physiology is all the rage.

Your insides are in. If you want a note card or a necklace with an anatomical heart on it, you're not going to have to hunt far. Esty and others can provide. It's trendy.

Though our innards aren't all that attractive, artists and artisans have been making a thing of the heart in its anatomical form.
They're letterpressing the pretty ugly pump in your chest onto a nice note card or they're metalworking it into something to hang from your neck.

I'm now the proud owner of one of those necklaces. And if you really know me, you know that that's odd. Remember how I'm just horrible when it comes to accessories? Necklaces are especially bad. I slip one on and feel like I'm playing dress-up with my mom's stuff. I feel like the decor doesn't suit me.

But I've been putting in some more effort and have been seeing a little more success. Sounds like a silly thing to put effort into I know, but sometimes as I'm making my egress from the the house to conquer my calling-on-doctors day I feel a little too plain. But when I grab a necklace as I dash out of my closet, looping in on as I tumble down the stairs, I fell the plainness wander off, and I discover a little bit of confidence take its place. This is only sometimes, mind you.

Anyhow, the anatomical heart necklace . . . It's a dainty one. Which is even less like me. A demure chain, a modest pendant. But I'm so excited about this necklace that I'm having a tough time not wearing it to bed. Why? It's the heart. The anatomical heart.

You see, two of the five medications I now have responsibility for directly benefit this vital organ. I have spent three months of this year relegated to my office, rather than out making calls on offices, learning the anatomy of the heart and circulatory system, the epidemiology of the disease states, and the various forms of available treatment for both in order to be certified to promote these drugs. The heart and I have become close friends. So when I clicked upon an sort of attractive and slightly abstract heart pendant, I knew it had to be mine. Like a reward for finally being able to visualize and understand much of what happens during lub dub, etc.

A version of one of my many self-help diagrams.

For me, it's not as if I'm falling into the arms of a trend, having no defined reason for wearing my heart around my neck. Instead the trend has come to serve me, giving me a token to symbolize a successful passing from one set of drug responsibilities to another.

It's a medal of honor.


Julie said...

That's pretty awesome. I like that.

I have to wonder...what other body inner body parts come in the form of jewelry? The heart is a pretty cool concept, but I mean, I can't so much fathom wearing intestines, spleens, or other thoracic parts in the form of a dainty pendant.

Megan said...

I've seen lungs. I've seen a brain. And yes, I've seen a vagina, which wouldn't be my choice of jewelry, that's for sure.

Lindsay said...

That diagram looks oh, so familiar. Pretty impressed Megan.

Megan said...

Thanks, Lins. I'm constantly thinking of you guys when studying.