Saturday, July 4, 2009


You'll probably spend the day doing the things that Americans do to celebrate our victory over taxation without representation; stuff like barbecuing, fireworks, potlucks, and parades. Do enjoy yourself, please.

The Husband was all for a holiday at my mom's or with the NorCal family, but I put the kibosh on that, as I have three major projects for work that need doing now, and I can't spare a day for frolicking without undesirable consequences next week.

Let's hear it for women having the freedom to mess around in the workplace.


Just Sue said...

We missed you! I hope your three day weekend provided the time necessary to release and FREE up any level of stress...

Megan said...

Thanks! I hope you guys had a wonderful time. Tell me you did the watermelon basket.

I wouldn't say that my weekend helped to relieve any stress, but it did help me begin carving a path through it. And that's something.