Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You know how I have this thing for punctuation?

Yes, you know.

You know how I love the loops and sway of an ampersand?

Yes, you know.

And so does my friend, Ashley. She knows it to the tune of a grand birthday gift.

Aren't I just adorable in ampersand?

(Interesting how when you flip a photo it no longer looks like you do. Strange. Just a little off. And probably only to you, the photo's subject; no one else can tell. Or can they?)


[Morgan] said...


lindsey v said...

Lucky. Ampersand makes MY butt look fat.

Jessica said...

excellent. love the haircut too.

Megan said...

How sweet of you J. I have the most marvelous hair stylist. Just visited her chair last week and am every so pleased with the new hue and my super cool bangs. Bangin'.

Megan said...

Oh, and Lindsey, that was stinkin' hilarious.

Jessica said...

no problem. i LOVE the a-line, bangin' cut, but as a naturally curly-haired girl if i got such a cut it would turn into a triangle-headed, frizzy disaster (which i have learned from experience). so, i merely admire others lovely hair from afar.