Friday, June 19, 2009


The phone whistles. I pick it up to retrieve whatever email merited the puny fanfare (all of them). And it appears to be a comment on the day's blog post.

I open the email. I read the comment. And it's clever.

They're so often clever.

And I say aloud, I love my people. Because whether you like it or not, you're my people. Not in the way of serfs (though I wouldn't mind that at all), but in the way that we share some common thread (don't worry, I'm not accusing you of having a whole lot in common with me, just a little something). And we find ourselves coming together here and saying pretty much whatever we please. It's a community of tongues without a governor. And I'm the Governor. (Couldn't resist that one.)

Sure do love it. Like I love my people.

3 comments: said...

Sometimes I wish my people were Sherpa, but no such luck. It's nice being someones people, and having people....
(sorry, too hungover to be clever)

Unknown said...

you mean 'they are' so often clever.


your editor

rabidrunner said...

What's wrong with "they're"?

I'm so bad at English. Once again, I struggled with whether to put the quotation mark inside the quote or outside. Looks funny inside... "they're?" see funny, because the question is about the whole sentence, not what's included inside the quotation.

These are the reasons I couldn't do English. It's because the rules are illiological. And ironical. And idiotological.

Maybe you could do a post on quotation usage one of these days? I know you've got time for it. Or should I say "you have" time for it?