Friday, June 19, 2009


Those whores at Apple.

Their goods are like crack. They give you a little taste and you’re hooked. You’re an addict. You want more. Then you need more, because it hurts when you’re not getting your fix. You shake, shiver, stumble, and sweat.

Phones, desktops, TV devices, software, cables, music pods, ear buds, laptops.

You get a taste of one bit, one byte, and find you need them all. So you get them all.

I bought the iPhone 3G last year. Not on the day or even the month it hit shelves, but fairly quickly after it came out. Now I ask ,Why the heck did I wait at all?

I didn’t purchase the first iPhone because I didn’t know I needed it. The stuff of ignorance.

The Husband got the first iPhone, waiting in line for hours on the day it tah-dah!ed in the local Apple store. On what now seems like an antiquated device, we learned the wiles and wonders and potential of this thing they called iPhone. So seeing and sniffing his telecom device and recalling the deep love I have for all the other Apple devices our house houses, I knew that when the 3G made its way to market I’d be an owner.

I love my phone. You know that. It’s my Everything. (And so are you, sweet Husband.) But now those Mac bastards have gone and outdone themselves (again) with the iPhone 3Gs that hit shelves today. (They’re very good at that. Think iPod—you buy one and three days later they’ve replaced it with something ten times better and in 47 new colors. (Though I much prefer the size/shape of the second-generation Nano. Short and squatty; like me.)) Oh! The things this new phone is said to be able to do! Things I’ve been wanting my current companion to be able to accomplish. Plus some. And it’s faster! We always want faster. Who doesn’t want faster?

But under my AT&T plan I’m not eligible for a phone upgrade until April next. (That can’t be right, can it?) So if I want the phone, I’d have to pay the full price; no discounts.

But I know what it’s like to experience that new love. I know what it’s like to crave. I have to have the phone. I’m jonesing. I need a hit. I have to feed my habit.

And it’d only cost me FIVE HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS? Wow. That seems a bit insane.

And even more insane that I just paid it.

And even crazier still that I was more than happy to pay it.



Kelly Mo said...

I would do the same thing! Good for you!

aezra noell said... addict....hahahah.

Shelby Lou said...

PLEASE watch this...

I got MY mac on with iPhone 3GS

Megan said...

I love you Shelby Lou. This is brilliance. And I stroke my phone like he does.

Well done, you.

Unknown said...

Seriously? I will not lie. That is ridiculous.