Friday, May 8, 2009


Is anything sacred? I've been asked regarding my blog.

For it seems there is little I don't tell you or talk about.

It seems.

But only seems.

Yes, you know that I enjoy the benefits of some pharmaceutical aid when it comes to depression. You're aware of many of my opinions, benign and otherwise. You know what church I belong to. You know that I have had (and really still do) some average and some not-average issues with my weight and how I've gone about dealing with it in the past. You know I don't have kids. And I have a husband. We have a dog. And her name is Sophie. You know much of what I eat and a lot of what I won't. You know about my sisters. You are privy to my prized birth-control method. And what I do for a living.

If we two met on the street, we could converse as if we were friends just picking up where we left of.

Regarding some things.

For though you know much, there are many details you don't.

What company I work for. Exactly which brands I sell. What my husband does for a living. What I'm wearing now. What I weigh. My street address. Which anti-depressant I take. How much my mortgage is. (Though I'm happy to tell you that I hate it.) My license plate number. My dress size. Exactly when I'm not home (anymore). Many details that blogger after blogger are happy to (or unwittingly) share.

For me, those are things that are none of your business. As I believe you agree, some things need to remain mine. For the sake of safety certainly, but also because even though I love my blog and the fact that its a place for spewage in telling no-longer-secrets, I need some things that belong to me and are mine alone, things that the blogosphere doesn't only not own, but isn't aware of.

I agree that I often say too much. And sometimes I go back and change it out of guilt or fear. If you know me personally or if you have been a long-time reader, you may know my husband's name, but I've removed all indications of it per his request (read: demand). Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to the Internet and what we leave here. Within his own limits and levels, my mister's cautious. Much more so than I am.

But I agree that for me, there are some bits that just shouldn't belong to you.


(Recently, Rookie wrote a post similar to this one, and I very often respond to or expand on what she's written. It's a system of sorts that we have. Like minds are a marvelous thing. Especially when they're both practically brilliant.)


rabidrunner said...

One forms opinions on things that are important (or sacred). If you don't have an opinion about something, it's a pretty good sign that you don't care.

You care... and that's sacred.

By the way, I'm paranoid. It gives me fear when someone announces on their blog (or facebook or wherever) that they're out of town. (One of these days, however, I'm going to India. In which I'll need to post a daily update - so as not to forget anything. Then I'll hafta fly the hypocrite flag.)So what company do you work for?

misti said...

I totally agree with the leaving town thing. I always say I'm hiking but not where or when.

I was recently thinking about this particular topic, discussing matters. One thing I do not discuss is my marriage. It isn't for the public to know the ins and outs of such things. Other people are comfortable with it. I am not!

Megan and Keli'i said...

"practically brilliant"...yes, like that very much. And whatever your mortgage, I bet I can top that off. Ah, the benefits to living in Hawaii. And yes, I hate it too. BUT, at least I'm not paying $1400 a month for a 500 square foot shack anymore. That's improvement!

Unknown said...

love your new look megan.

different writer styles and limits make the world go round.

i had the auto decals made and they arrived yesterday. i sold my first one today! she practically grabbed it out of my hand and gladly handed over the four bucks! they are SO FREAKING COOL!

I'll send you a pic of the actual decal though since you created the design, i'm sure are more than familiar with it.

so then i told them about the blog, etc. etc. but no one really cares about that when it's the auto decal they want :-)

all the middle schoolers want one too, for their skateboards and folders and whatnot.

Ashley Thalman said...

because somethings are sacred.