Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Whit said I shouldn't tell people the story in my previous post; that I should be horribly embarrassed by my negligence. (She says this, but ask her about how she forgot to put sunscreen on her kid . . . )

Sure. I'm uncomfortable with the fact that my house is the ugly one on the block (I promise it at least looks inhabited on the inside!), but I'm strongly considering rectifying the situation of my dead yard (as it will probably save me some money in HOA fees and save them some flow on stamps for their hate mail).

I'm busy and feel guilty enough taking a moment to post this; so think how I'd feel to sit down and research how to green up our plot! So do this little Remark-er a favor and lay it out there for me: got any tips on a green, green lawn? And even some hints on how to go from desert to tropics quickly?



Jenna Holm said...

Go straight nitrogen, aka ammonium sulfate. It's the first number out of three on the bags of fertilizer out there, i.e. 16-16-16. The other numbers are for root growth, etc. I always buy it in granule form and spread it on pretty thick, but beware of burning your lawn! I've done this for the past five springs and summers that I've lived in my house and my grass is brilliant green. Cheers!

rabidrunner said...

1) Always mow in the evening. If you mow it and let it sit in the hot sun all day, it burns.

2) Water right after you mow. (Not really right after, but within 5ish hours).

3) Pay a service to come fertilize for you. Usually they do it automatically every 5 to 6 weeks, so they come before the lawn goes yellowish. I used to fertilize myself but found that it only saved about 10 bucks, turned out stripey and I always forgot. The lawn would go yellow, I'd be reminded to fertilize, then have to play catchup. Vicious cycle.

4) Water the day the lawn is fertilized, no matter what. (Unless is rains, but that counts as watering.)

It's early, grass is a weed, it'll spring back in a couple of weeks.

Sue said...

Water really helps plants live and be green, dear.

aezra noell said...

ashley to the rescue! visit this here website...

told it actually works...however see if home depot sells it... or lowes...i think its there too. good luck and your welcome. :0)

Whitney said...


cat+tadd=sam said...

Oh ya, name your grass, trees, bushes and flowers. Love help them grow. Ask Sue Bear.

Unknown said...

how about a picture of said dead yard? then I'll be happy to advise though beachlife is not the same as desertlife.

Julie said...

You could always use colorful rocks instead of grass for your lawn. That's what everyone on the Colordo Western Slope does. (But in my opinion, it looks ridiculous, so that was probably not good advice.)