Wednesday, May 20, 2009


He doesn't worry about fitting in. Doesn't care what other people think of him. Truly.

So he probably won't be bothered if I reveal that though he loves U2 like he loves air, The Husband listens to Meat Loaf every morning while he's getting ready for the day.

No kidding.

Meat Loaf spilling from the master bath each a.m.

I thought you should know just in case you're strolling on the sidewalk behind our house around 7AM and hear opera rock. I don't want you thinking that it's coming from my iPod.


Maria said...

I used to love listening to his I Would Do Anything For Love song over and over and over again years ago. Just loved it. Gosh, Meatloaf... that sure does bring back some fond memories. :)

Megan said...

Oh Maria--that's the song he was listening to when I wrote that post.

Takes you way, way back, doesn't it?

Julie said...

Um, it leaves me a little self loathing and shuddering. Thanks for unblocking some severely repressed memories.

Walker said...

Meatloaf - that is awesome! My morning usually starts with I Think I Love You from the Partridge Family. Starts soft and builds to a crescendo...and the words aren't so complicated for my yet-to-be-caffeinated brain to remember.

rabidrunner said...

I wonder what the "I won't do that" is that he won't do for you... I don't necessarily want to know what that is, just want to wonder.

You should get him a "THEU2FN" license plate for his birthday. Sounds like he's not "one" U2 fan (as in one of the masses), he's "THE" U2 fan.

(Of course I thought I was THE U2 fan twenty years ago with the release of that Joshua Tree album... This is either a good sign for the band, having made it a couple of generations, or a bad sign for you guys who are kickin' it with old farts.)

Megan said...

Yo. My Other Half was 13 when The Joshua Tree came out. Not the spring chicken you thought he was, eh?

And the band has incredible staying power. Just ask my iTunes how many times it's played "Electrical Storm," "Get On You Boots," and "The City of Blinding Lights."

Now that's some good religion.

Jena said...

I needed a little "sparks". I especially enjoyed "more every day". You are too clever for me!

When my sister-in-law was dating my brother, she threw his meatloaf cd out the car window, as they were driving.