Tuesday, March 3, 2009


In our true form: (Do click on the image for the full effect of our loveliness.)

Something makes everyone special. It could be that their hair is naturally red! Or that they lived in Spain on a ferret farm before moving to Arkansas. Or that they are distantly related to Charles E. Rushmore. Or that they are a world-renowned violinist. Or under five feet tall.

For me, it's that I am the oldest of six sisters. No brothers.

That makes me special. And that's about it. And I'm cool with that being my One Unique Thing. Because if you get to have just a single tidbit to make you out-of-the-ordinary, having five younger (and taller) sisters works for me.

I mean, after all, you certainly don't have five younger sisters who are all taller than you are, do you? Didn't think so. I'm unique. (The Peterson family was put on earth in such a state for the sole purpose of making me unusual, see.)

When I was younger and thoroughly annoyed with all of them, I wished to be an only child. I really did. I mean, would that not have been the coolest?!


No, it would not have. Not now that I'm older and these five ladies take slots 2 through 6 on my Favorite People List. (Of course The Husband is Numero Uno. And of course I actually have a Favorite People List. And of course you are seated squarely in slot number 7.)

We sissies all get together and there is fast chatter, loud laughter, often tears, most certainly hurt feelings, and always things to gossip about later.

I love them. Simply, I do.

I can't think of even one of my sisters I would get rid of.

Except maybe for Whitney. She's pretty lame.


[Morgan] said...

me? number 7? awesome. thanks.

i think you hit it right on in that picture with whitney. ha ha.

Andrea said...

You are such a nut! What a cute post! :) Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Sue said...

Can you even question why I'm menopausal, bloated, medicated, forgetful, and gray?

This picture explains it all.

Tadd said...

why dont you ever talk about Tadd in any of your posts and how cool he is and great stuff like that.

Mal Robin said...

I agree with Tadd. Indeed.

Anonymous said...

you all have such great cheek bones. crazy awesome picture that i love.

Mette said...

"you certainly don't have five younger sisters who are all taller than you are, do you?"

Hehe .. ok this is funny, I just HAD to comment on this one (not intending to ruin your uniqness!).
I myfself is a number 5, but my older sister actually have 5 younger sisters who are taller than her..
But dont worry. She's not a blogger.

Big families rock. ;)

Megan said...

Muffin, am I your older sister? 'Cause I certainly thought that I was alone in my diminutive dominance.

Your sister and I should be friends.

cat+tadd=sam said...

Hey now, I surely wasn't given enough time to come up with my ugliest face yet.