Monday, March 2, 2009


Someone has to share this with the world.

May as well be me.

A Little Something to Make Your Day.

(Ash, if you were planning on linking to this on your blog, I'm sorry for the usurpage; I just couldn't hold myself back.)

The camel and the Ninja Turtle tie as my favorites.

Now, you should know that along with not being a big one for regularly talkin' flicks on mi blog, I'm not all about tossing you You Tube vids (as I only visit You Tube about once every other month) and random lame links to tickle your lopsided fancy. So you know that I only share with you what's truly priceless.

Thank the Bird. She sent this my way.

Quick question: Just what could the poor poodle have done to deserve such degradation?

The Husband says, Maybe she likes it. Maybe that's just how Poodles roll.

Hah. And they say that Poodles are among the smartest of all dogs.


whitneyingram said...

You just ruined my night.

Another link totally worth your time:

Megan said...

Hey Whit, Mark was in the room and overheard the video and then asked me to show him how to "bump a pony."

Oh crap.

m.a. said...

so funny, thanks for sharing. I think my favorites are the Ninja Turtle and the dragon.

I thought the same thing though, poor dog!

Sue said...

I'm calling the SPCA.

(I've got to forward this to my sister - she will be outraged.)

Megan and Keli'i said...

Ew. Horrifying.

cat+tadd=sam said...

For some reason, that annoys me. Not because I like dogs or anything, especially poodles. It just annoys. And, the chicken is my favorite.

Also, I'm so honored to be featured on your blog! The pressure is on now!

Ashley Thalman said...

share and share alike right. I owe you a steal now (though I was not planning to share).
Maybe I'll share that little shop you sent me. Let me think....naw, I won't.