Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It seems that these days everyone has a food blog.

And here's how it comes to be:

A chick cooks dinner for the family. Sister-in-law Sharon says that this is the best goshdarn lamb shank she's ever gnawed on, and cousin Kristin agrees, telling the chick that she Should totally start a food blog!

The complements and suggestion wend their way into said chick's noggin', and she finds herself devoting time to a sub-par cyber creation full of common eats with ingredients like cream of chicken soup and littered with corresponding photos.

It's the related photos that grab Meg's goat. (Meg being the online alter ego who sometimes takes the liberty to talk in third person.)

If you've put together a food blog with the intention of getting people to not only visit it but go forth and make the recipes you labored to type out, the food photos you post oughta' make the dishes seem like something a reader would want to eat rather than what the meal looks like post-digestion.


A bit ago I found myself on a food blog featuring a recipe for Apple Dump Cake. (At a later date we should throw together a meeting to discuss why people think it's a good idea to perpetuate the name Dump Cake.) The author even included a photo, bless her heart. But according to the photo, it would have been more appropriate to entitle the post I-Took-a-Dump-on-my-Blog Cake.

No, I'm not that crass. It was that gross.

So now, because of that foul photo and its buddy below: the image of Beef Stroganoff (which I'm quite sure was actually a snapshot of vomit), I'm not returning to your lil' food blog.

So long. Farewell. I'm through. One less reader for SiteMeter to tell you about. And considering that you started the food blog with the intention of being big-time in no time, loosing readers really jams a stick in the spokes of your aims at fame.

So if you have a food blog or even go with posting recipes accompanied by pictures on your regular ole' blog, I beg of you, I beseech you--basically I'm pleading with you, to stop posting photos that make your recipes look like refuse.

'Cause I'm thinkin' it's a bad thing when I land on a food blog and gag.


Krissa said...

HaHa....Oh so true!

whitneyingram said...

I see a lot of food blogs. A LOT. It's sort of my thing. The biggest problem is people taking pictures with a flash at night. Food looks best without flash in natural light.

Sue said...


Megan said...

Heck yeah. I work on the Rookie Cookie blog, a scrumptious creation, if I do say so myself. And Whit does a nice job of not making her food look like barf.

{Erica} said...

Took a dump on my blog cake...hahaha! I have seen some of those food blogs and I too never return.

It's all about lighting in your kitchen. Take a picture with flourescent bulbs and my gagging reflex gets a little feisty