Friday, March 27, 2009


This particular stage in my career (Yes, apparently, I have a career; yeah, like I've said before, I can't believe what I've become . . . ), I am immersed in home study. Meaning, I have to learn a few new products and to do so must recall the study techniques I employed when in college.

Only in college, you weren't expected to read a 200 page manual in a single day with retention enough to test on it. And then do the same the next day with another 200 page manual. And again the next. And the next. And on. For a month. Or more.

Again, anyone who is held hostage by the delusion that a drug rep job is for pretty people who don't want to work hard should fight like crazy to be released from such a misconception. Commit to and do the job well, and you'll find yourself overwhelmed more often than not and finding that a 24 hour day isn't even close to sufficient, for (hah!) you should also try to maintain a life outside the occupation.

I find myself fortunate in that I've been blessed with past success and can recall that to drive me forward. I have a boss who prods with encouragement. I have a husband who understands with perfect empathy what I'm in the midst of. I've got a pet that forgives me when I say Not now! again. And I've got a treadmill to take the beating I'd sometimes like to give the many clinical studies I'm aiming to review and comprehend.

I have all I need. All but one thing: Patience for myself.

(And a metabolism forgiving enough to allow for perpetual chocolate therapy after difficult days.)


whitneyingram said...

All this bull crap studying is taking away for your real-time designing responsibilities to me.

I am not understanding whatsoever.

I pay you WAY too much for you to spend time working on your other job.

Just Sue said...

Hey, Toots, do you really have time to make a 4 hour drive - one way? DANG!

Megan said...

Just Sue, I have time for what's truly important.

(And obviously that's SO not Rookie Cookie. Needy little monster.)